March 17, 2013

My Inspiration Board

I have had an inspiration board hanging in my bathroom for four years. 
I started it after I miscarried.
I needed some inspiration and to get my mind off the negativity. 
I needed positive things to look at and read every day.

As my life has changed and different things have happened, so has my inspiration board.

I updated it this weekend and thanks to Pinterest, I really like my new pieces of inspiration.

If you want your own copy of any of these, they are all pinned on my quotes board on Pinterest.
Do you have an Inspiration Board?
What kind of things to you like on it?


Steph said...

I don't have an inspiration board physically in my house, but I did in my classroom.

I lovelovelove quotes and inspirational sayings so much!

I probably should have something I can look at though...

Happy Monday!

Holly said...

Love it, girl!

Victoria said...

Because of your board, I too have an inspiration board! Thank you for inspiring me! Mom

Miss Schinke's First Grade Blog said...

Great post! We al need to trust in God when our lives don't go quite as planned! Glad I came across this today! :)
Blessings to you,

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, now I absolutely love this and may just have to make me one of these. I think we could all benefit from one to tell you the truth. Thanks for sharing! You are an inspiration as well.

Joanna said...

love this! great idea! new follower :)