March 25, 2011

Thursday was quite a day....

I meant to write this post last night but was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d!

But I know many of my followers are teachers (so I had to share)!

Thursday. 2:00pm. My first graders were logging off the computers in the lab when "ring, ring, ring"- the fire alarm began to scream. We hurried outside to line up against the fence. I took a head count and remembered one of my little guys was in the bathroom. Our admins. always walk the school and make sure all kids are accounted for during these drills/alarms. I told our Assistant Principal that my little guy was in the boys bathroom and she ran to get him. She said she could smell a stinky poo as she neared the bathroom.... she popped her head in and called his name. In his very strong Spanish accent, he told her he was pooping. She told him to hurry, that it wasn't a drill. He told her that he "could feel it coming, he wasn't done", etc.
time out-
while this is going on the fire department has shown up and were told that the alarm triggered was in the same building as the bathroom he was in. My kids and I were lined up near the front of the school and saw the fire truck arrive, the fire man rush in, etc. It registered to them that our little classmate was in the bathroom. Their minds raced- all the sudden they were screaming that their friend was stuck in the fire.
back to the bathroom-
The Assistant Principal told him to hurry and wipe (all she knew was he needed to get out of the bathroom pronto). She said she could see his little legs, pants pulled completely down, with spiderman undies pulled down. He calmly told her that "he couldn't wipe because he wasn't done pooping yet"....This went on for a little bit more... Finally he came out like "whats the big deal?" haha... Lordy!
back to my class-
All of the sudden someone in my class remembers our caterpillars. (Our caterpillars had just arrived that day). So more hysteria continued as they freaked out that our "caterpillars were burning". Oh boy.

Finally we hear that it was an electrical problem and there was no fire at all! Thank goodness! But unfortunately the alarm continued to ring (sooo freaking loud) for the next hour. I tried my darndest to tell the kids that it was like their alarm clocks going off, not a fire...but they still were on edge. I had lots and lots of tears. It's moments like this you remember just how little first graders are! Anyway- quite an afternoon!


Mandy's Memories said...

OMG! THis is so funny! What a memory that child and you both will have forever :)

Raven said...

I'm not a teacher but I loved this just the same!!!

Stephanie Elton said...

I teach first grade too! So, I can definitely imagine what you went through. What a funny story about the little boy. Those little firsties sure do take "restrooming" and class pets seriously! :)

Jamie said...

Oh goodness! We had a fire drill the other day and one of my kids was in the library...but at least the librarian took him outside!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical!!


Country Girl said...

Reminds of the time I was trying to hurry my little guy out the door so I could get to work and he calmly said "Mom, when it comes, it comes." So true, so I patiently waited until he finished.

Anonymous said...

What an ordeal!! I love that the little boy was not phased by the alarm at all and was just doing his business, haha!!

Victoria said...

nothing beats a good poop story!!!