March 27, 2011

Our Weekend


After school Friday, we went to my parents' house to meet up with my Aunt Marty and Uncle David. They drove up from Tucson for the weekend and they are always so much fun! We caught up and they gave Reagan some early birthday gifts.

He got Buzz flip flops, Buzz swim top, Buzz swim shorts, a Toy Story beach towel, and Buzz sunglasses! He will be set for the pool this summer!

We then went to The Bamboo Club for a delicious dinner. Reagan was sort of behaved. Lordy, it is hard to do things with this child on Friday nights after a long week of school!


Saturday Nick joined my Dad, Uncle, and BIL golfing. So Meg and I tried to have productive morning. We went to Hobby Lobby to get some last minute things for Reagan's party, made tissue paper pompoms, and the last few centerpieces.

After I layed Reagan down for a nap, I had a slight problem. Lily (Our Maltese/Shiszu) had pooped in the house when my Aunt came over and I had thrown it in the toilet but never flushed. So after I layed Reagan down, I went to the bathroom and saw it. I thus flushed it and walked to the laundry room to switch over the clothes. When I came back to my bedroom, I noticed my bathroom was totally flooded. Like a good 2 inches of water in the bathroom area, going into the bedroom and closet . I ran to try and stop the toilet but couldn't figure it out. I ran around the house and garage looking for a plunger (how do we not have a plunger?!?). Ahhh. So I called my Mom (who lives down the street). She answers the phone full on singing a Lady Gaga song (we were going to see her in concert that night).... I have to yell "Stop- I need help!" just to get her to simmer down! She and my Aunt come speeding over with towels and a plunger. We were able to stop the running toilet but couldnt plunge it. We called Nick who had just finished golfing. Nick, my Dad, and Uncle all show up and I am completely mortified. I wanted them to all know I had not pooped or anything to do this- it was Lily. But they didn't quite believe a dog poop could have done that. Who knows. Long story short- Nick was able to put "the snake" down the toilet and clear the lines. Thank goodness. But seriously, how gross!

I was able to take a nap and get ready and then it was Gaga time!

My Mom, Aunt, Meg and I went to dinner and drinks before the concert.

Then went to the arena to grab our seats and have some more of a pre-party. We had so much fun dancing and laughing with new friends.

Then the concert started and it was amazing. We saw her in August with the same tour and LOVED it (hence why we were back!) It was pretty much the same but she added a couple of new songs which was fun. If you haven't seen her in concert- go! While she is a little out there, she is the BEST entertainer. The concert started at 8:30 and we didnt leave until midnight! AMAZING!


Ok, I'm super embarassed to say it. I was supposed to go to a friend's baby shower this morning but I totally couldn't go! I was too hungover from last night! I haven't partied like that in a LONG time! Wow. It was fun but I was paying for it! So I've been sleeping all morning. I need to try and eat something and then start school work... wow. I think I officially know I am not 21 anymore!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Ashley said...

I am LOVING these pics of yall dancing! FUN FUN! being hungover is NO fun! I havent been hungover in like 5 years... maybe its time for another girls night ha!

Raven said...

Your boy seems just like my 3 year old, mohawk, Buzz, too too cute! Love the pics, glad you have a great weekend!

Victoria said...

it was a great weekend....toilet and all! Love you!

Nicole said...

Your Saturday made me laugh! Sounds like you had TOO much fun at that concert!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

HAHA, oh to be 21 again and pop back the next morning with 2 hours of sleep!