March 25, 2011

Oviparous Animal Week

This week my first graders have been learning about oviparous animals.
Here are some of this things we've been up to:
We read many books including some great nonfiction and some funny fiction books about animals who lay eggs.

The kids sorted pictures of animals.

They wrote about and illustrated about oviparous animals.

The kids picked their favorite oviparous animal to create using construction paper, researched it's egg, and wrote about it.

I thought they did a really great job!
I also made their math stations "egg stations".

1) In each egg were coins. The kids had to add the money and write the amount.2) They had to follow the pattern rules and color.3) Predict what was in the eggs and then check. 4) Sort even/odd number ducks. 5) Egg addition
I also sent home a plastic egg for the kids to fill with something silly. The next day we shared our eggs by reading the poem and sharing our eggs.

The class always thinks this is so funny.
Here is an example of something silly one of the kids brought.

My class is an ELL class and part of our day is focussed on Oral Language Development. Each week I give the class a nursery rhyme to learn and recite. Obviously this week we did " Humpty Dumpty". They loved it.
Today the kids made their own Humpty Dumpty pictures to help remember the rhyme.

It was a very busy week but they loved it!


Jamie said...

What CUTE activities! I love the construction paper eggs :)

2sylly said...

Your class always sounds like so much fun! Did you share with them the nest I gave you?

Classically Fabulous said...

I LOVE the font you used on your worksheets :) I am actually going to a professional development session tomorrow to learn more about raising chicks. I'll be getting chicken eggs in my classroom at the end of April!

Victoria said...

i love that you teachers follow and inspire each other!!!!