March 27, 2010

We're Moving!

We are officially moving!

I think I wrote a couple of weeks ago how we randomly saw a house for sale and we put a bid in. It was a short sale and we weren't sure how long the process would happen and if it really would even happen. But we were so blessed and things moved increadibly fast. We heard this week that we are officially getting the house! We move towards the end of April. Soo fast, right?

I couldn't be happier. While some people may be weirded out that the house is literally on the same street as my parents, I am thrilled. I am so close to my family. Having my parents just down the street and my sister and brother in law a few neighborhoods over sounds ideal. (I've always said my dream would to have all of us live on a compound like the Kennedy's!) We wont have to treck the long drive home after family get togethers....just walk down the street.

A few other exciting things:

*the house is in a cauldisac (such a plus for Reagan- I will feel so great about having him playing out front without a steady stream of cars)

*its in walking distance to a good school/park (my childhood school actually- even better!)

*the lot is a corner lot- so the backyard is really big- great for our dogs and Reagan

Today we drove by and took a pic of the sale sign- yahoo!


littledaisymay said...

Awww how exciting!!

Kimberly said...

funny I live about 2 blocks away from my parents and my kids go to my old schools too! I love it!

vtiepelman said...

It is going to be perfect!

Jenny said...

Awesome! Congrats :)