March 20, 2010

What we've been up to.....

Awww.... today is the last Saturday of spring break! Boo! While I am excited to get back to my smiling kiddos, I could definately go for another week of days- especially lazy ones.
Weds Night We went over to my mother in law's house to help her celebrate her birthday. We had delicious Mexican food and a tasty birthday cake. We laughed a lot and spent time with Nicks side of the family (including an uncle and cousin from Montana). Happy Birthday Sylvia!
Thursday I woke up with cold going from okay to terrible. I had a dentist appointment and actually fell asleep in the chair. (Soo drugged up from cold meds, eek! ) Luckily I had some time after the appointment before I picked up the baby from his sitter so I went back to bed! That afternoon Nick and I went with my Dad to meet with the "Mortgage Man"... Another step in buying our new house! So many hoops and such stress, but I know it will be worth it in the end.
Friday Nick took Reagan to his sitter and my mom and sister Meg came over to prep for our garage sale. Man, we have a lot of stuff! We worked hard cleaning, sorting, and pricing. We then went to Olive Garden for lunch and then made a stop at Urgent Care to get my looked at. Turns out I have bronchitis and my cold worked its way into the lungs... geesh- guess I should have gone earlier in the week. I left with a Z pack and some other meds.... hopefully they star really kicking in soon. (I desperately need a good night's sleep- this hacking cough will not let me sleep! :( )
Saturday The big garage sale! Wow, this was my first and I was shocked how fast they stormed in. We hadnt even pulled everything out before they came flocking out of their cars. We did well and sold quite a bit of our stuff. There was a bunch of stuff I was surprised to be left over (artwork and house decor). The big sellers were the furniture and the clothes. Interesting... A good first step by purging before a move. Its a little hard to say goodbye to some of my stuff, but its also a fresh start! Thanks to my parents and sister Meg for helping!
Tomorrow is laundry, grocery shopping, and getting ready for school. I brought my nerdy school crate home with me full of work to do this break and havent opened it once... I suppose I should peak in it and see if there was anything important for Monday! I had the best intentions... but this gorgeous weather was too hard to pass up!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


vtiepelman said...

did you fall asleep while typing?

Tickled Pink said...

haha, sorry I hit post before I was finished... actually I think Reagan hit the keyboard... sorry!! it should be all there now