March 14, 2010

Sunny Saturday

What a perfect day to be outside!
It was a beautiful, sunny, Arizona day. We met some friends at the Chandler Ostrich Festival. There were a million people (it seemed) there... but it made for some good people watching! We tried to watch the ostrich and pig races but had a hard time seeing over all of the heads. Reagan had fun looking at all of the animals in the petting zoo, especially the potbellied pigs. Nick and I had fun looking at all of the carnival rides and reminiscing about when we were young and brave enough to go on those insane rides! After the festival we went over to Guidos for some chicken tacos... and then Reagan and I took a long nap!) Last night we hung out and watched 2012 .... well, I mainly read while it was playing in the background.

Such a happy boy!
The Grahams and the Fedichs with an ostrich friend
Reagan and a goat
This morning I woke up to a new award from Mrs. Stoneking! Thanks girl !

the rules:
1.) When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2.) Name the 10 things that make you happy
3.) Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners

Well thank you again to Mrs. Stoneking! If you havent checked out her blog- you should. She is a beautiful girl with the most amazing wedding photos!

10 Things that Make Me Happy
1. When my baby boy says "Mamma".
Its not as often as "Dada" ... so it makes me happy when I hear it!
2. Snuggling in bed with Nick
3. Laughing uncontrollably with my sister and my mom (my best friends)
4. Being a first grade teacher
5. Being sucked into a great book
6. Drinking Diet Mountain Dew - ditto Mrs. Stoneking- my fave drink as well!
7. Watching The Office and Modern Family- laughing till my tummy hurts
8. Girls Days with shopping, lunch, and pedis
9. Spring weather and being in the sun
10. Christmas Morning!

10 people to pass this on to
I love reading about her adventures ... another first grade teacher!
2. Jennifer at Joshua Brody Francis
Fun to read about her adorable little boy Brody
This girl is the sweetest! She is currently subbing- love reading your stories as well!
4. Katie at the Life of an Army Wife
Such a nice girl and fun to read about her busy life!
5. Kelsey at Seatle Smiths
A great blog- especially her Wishful Wednesdays!
6. Brit at Dave and Brit plus One
Our little ones are almost the same age- plus shes hilarious!
7. Megan at In this Wonderful Life
She is a great writer and is expecting a little boy.
8. Megan at Just one of the boys
She is one of my oldest friends and is a wonderful writer! Plus she has the most adorable sons!
9. Taylor at The Undomestic Momma
This girl and I would so be friends in real life
10. Tara at Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes
It is fun to live vicariously through this girl!


littledaisymay said...

Love the pics :)

Thanks for the award!!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I love all your top tens! I couldn't agree with you more. And again... your baby boy picture, those cheeks I just want to squeeze!!

littledaisymay said...

I didn't see your email to reply back to sooo I was going to tell on this post what Google Reader is...if you go to your Gmail account and look in the top left hand corner you'll see a tab for Reader. All of the blogs you follow will come up on there. It's just easier for me to read it there because all the blogs are in one list :) Hope the way I explained it wasn't too confusing!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Thanks for sharing the love of your award!! I am SOOO with you on the Diet Mountain Dew!

Katie F said...

2012 scared me lol!!! Thanks for the award hun!! YOu made my day

In this wonderful life... said...

I forgot to thank you for this!!! but you are so sweet! I'm posting it :)