March 22, 2013

IPhone Photo Dump

It's been awhile since I upload pictures from my phone.
Enjoy! This' month's photo dump may be one of my faves!

 How happy is this guy?

 Those eyes!

 Tummy Time

 Don't they look like they are in trouble?
 Reagan (left) and Hudson (right) in the same shirt.
Reagan was 10 months old, Hudson was 5 months
 Our caterpillars arrived!

 Holding Hands! 

 I was getting ready to shower and had the babies on my bed. I gave them a ton of toys to keep them occupied. I checked on them and saw that they could have cared less about the toys. They just wanted each other!

 Donut face!

 Poor , sick Harper!

 A little prayer before eating!

 Our patio is like a used car lot!

 Family Dinner!

 Super Dad!

 The Easter wreathe I made.

 1 million dollars!

 Froyo date

 Love this!

 Mom, no pictures please!

 Just keeping it real!

 So girl and so boy- even eating!

 Reagan reading a book to the babies.

 Thumbs up!

 My parents before the Phoenix Suns Charity Dinner

 Double Trouble

 Aaarrrgghh Matey!

Best Buds

 Reagan and his buddy (our neighbor).
They meet here nightly to "chat" as they call it!

 Bath time babies

 Beautiful Spring days

 Picnic in the Park



 Harper LOVES Reagan

 Visiting with sweet puppy Bella

 Counting down to Disney!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Family time in the park!

 Really mom?

 Crazy kids!
I looked down to check my pump and Hudson had rolled into Harper's lap and she was playing with his hair. They were clearly amused! 
 Dinner date with Nick and the babies at Kona Grill.
Last night before Reagan returns from Disney!

My little wild thing! 


Amy said...

Great pics! Hudson looks so big in the picture when he is laying on Harper! :)

Lea Culp said...

Oh, my, the twins just get bigger and bigger. But, guess that's the way it is suppose to be. :o) They are all 3 just precious and you have done such a good job in captivating their lives. Good for you!

Mrs. Ruby said...

Um. I love your family. Love.