March 20, 2012


Thanks for all of your sweet messages yesterday!
It has been a HUGE shock but we are getting a little more excited every day.

(I think this picture is hilarious. My face is like total disbelief. Nick looks happier than can be. And Reagan is like "what the heck are we taking pictures for"- totally not cooperating for the pic, but instead lounging on me!)

Nick and I decided to go off the pill and "try" for Baby #2 after New Years.
Pretty much all of January I was EXHAUSTED! Like more than I've ever felt in my life.. I remember blogging about it and a couple of you said "Maybe you are preggo?". But I thought pregnancy exhaustion didn't / wouldn't hit till later  so I dismissed the idea. 

I took a pregnancy test on the earliest day the test said I could- a Friday. And it said "Negative". 
We were disappointed but knew many friends really struggling with infertility that we knew this was not a big deal. It would happen when God was ready.

Monday and Tuesday were crazy days at school and I was ready for a "me" day.  So I took Wednesday off from school.  I had lunch with my sister and baby Charlotte and I told her how I felt queezy and still hadn't gotten my period. She said we should go home and take another test. So off I went to pee in a cup and then fed my sweet niece her bottle.  I was pretty positive it would be negative again, so I was pretty nonchalant. As I finished up Charlotte's bottle I walked into the bathroom and found the test saying "Positive". 

That afternoon my Mom, Meg, and I ran some errands and tried to figure out a cute way to tell Nick I was pregnant. I ended up getting 2 little ducks (for Nick and I) and a cake.  I also made a little sign saying "We are two lucky ducks".  I put it in the fridge and waited for Nick to get home. When Nick got home I asked him to bring me a drink from the fridge- and surprise!

My pregnancy thus far has been horrible. It has been way worse than with Reagan. (Should have seen some flashing lights there!) We had our first Dr. Appointment at 8 weeks.  When the Dr. asked me how I was feeling and such, I told her how it was worse than I remembered. I told her how I feel exhausted all the time and nauseous 24/7. She laughed and joked, "Maybe you're having twins".  To which I responded, "you better not be jinxing me". Fast forward to the ultrasound and boom- TWINS. I think I said "Oh my Gosh" about 50 times and Nick just sat there silent.

Everything checked out great. The babies were measured at exactly the same stage and had healthy heartbeats.  They each had their own sac, which makes them most-likely fraternal and not identical.

After the ultrasound the Dr. shifted gears and said that this would be a totally different kind of pregnancy.  Each Dr. appt. would last 2x as long, I now have to see her plus a multiple specialist, and I would have "double the fun" of morning sickness and exhaustion. Awesome.  She also told me that I probably wont be able to work next year. There was a lot of information being thrown our way that we honestly never in thought about.  We left the Dr. appointment and I burst into tears.  We went to my mom's house to pick up Reagan and she saw me crying.  She assumed that I had probably had a miscarriage and was shocked when we told her the news of twins.  We couldn't think of anyone on my side of the family with twins. (Turns out we were able to trace someone far off down the family tree- but still.... pretty random!)

We've had some time for the news to really settle in. And it has been difficult. Nick and I are big planners and this throws our "life plan" completely off.  It has reminded me that God is in control- not me. My family has been amazing and have already volunteered time, money, supplies. Not to mention endless hugs and crying phone calls. My friends and also been super supportive with flowers, positive outlooks, and support. We are getting used to the idea and know that it will all work out. 
Yes, our life will change. 
But we are blessed.


Amber said...

My hubby's sister has twin boys and my brother has twin boy and girl so we have always wondered if we would have twins. I know twins are twice the work but wow, what a miracle! I know it takes time to adjust to shocking news but you are such a great mom and God wouldn't give you something you can't handle. I am so excited and I have already decided you are having one of each:) Congratulations and I can't wait to follow you guys on this journey!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Congrats again!! I can only imagine the surprise you felt finding out!! Hope you're not feeling too bad...I'm so excited for you!!! :)

Country Girl said...

Don't worry. It will all work out. Even when you think you can't get through things you find a way and it gets better. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out. I'd be happy for one grandbaby!

Jeremy and Megan said...

I can't wait to read your posts as your babies grow!!

I always thought I would have twins bc they run on both sides on both of our sides of the family! I mentally prepared and was actually disappointed at my first appt that there was only one!

Hang in there, like you said, G-d has a plan! It sounds like you have AWESOME friends and family there to help support you guys!! :)

love2read said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. My dear teacher friend just had triplets and another is having twins next month! The one with triplets works, her husband stays home part time and her mom and dad help the other days. It is hard but she is making it. Don't make any major decisions while you are feeling bad and hang in there!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I am so happy for you!! Double the blessings!! :D

Mommy said...

I am a teacher and had twins 11/17/11. I was able to work with no major issues. I went back to work in February. My dr said most people do just fine with twins and not to worry about bed rest and all of that. I also have a 4 year old. Good luck!!

Hilldog said...

Congrats!! The duck cake is sooo cute- I am excited for you!

Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! Honestly, my experience has been that my twins are so much easier than my first was. You're amazing!!

Jamie said...

SO exciting! I'll be keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers!

Multiples Mom said...

Congratulations on the two new members of your family. That is very exciting news. The cake with the lucky ducks is very cute, memorable and creative. I love the photo of your family holding the numbers. That is one for the babies' books. I am so glad you joined in on Multiples Monday on Capri + 3. I hope you will link up as much as you can to share your experience. Congrats again!

: 0 ) Theresa

Kristin Hackman said...

Congrats -- multiple babies will bless your family more than your wildest dreams!! Prayers for a long and healthy pregnancy with big fat twins at the end :) PS, found you on Capri+# multiple Mondays :)

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