March 10, 2012

Flat Stanley 2012 Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of our Flat Stanley trips, click here!

Briana' Flat Stanley flew to Australia to visit my sweet friend Kate. She is a flight attendant and took him on a flight and to the Australian beach. She also sent a gazillion books for the class. She is amazing.

Angel's Flat Stanley flew to Japan to visit one of my sorority sisters. Her hubby plays professional basketball over there. She showed the kids what the popular toys and food are over there. Very cool!

Kenia's Flat Stanley went to India to visit another of my sorority sisters, Nicci. Nicci took him to some of the cool art areas in her city.

The class sent another Flat Stanley to Chandler, Arizona to visit a friend and old teammate of mine. Amy is a teacher as well and Stanley had a great time at her class!

Karen's Flat Stanley flew to visit my sorority sister Natalie in San Diego. Natalie and her hubby took him on some pretty fun adventures! I love when my friends get so creative! She also sent Karen back some pretty sea shells and goodies from the beach!

Raul's Flat Stanley flew to my friend Holly's Mom in South Dakota. Her family owns a snowmobile shop and they showed Stanley all the cool things you can do in the snow! She also spoiled rotten and sent him a remote control car. 

Tiffany's Flat Stanley went to Texas to visit my sorority sister Erin. She is a pediatrician and he came to work with her.  She gave Flat Stanley a shot and a lollipop for being good. She also sent Tiffany a book about the human body and the class a box of cute band aids and lollipops. Too cute!

There are still more!
But I will save them for another blog post! 
Hope you have enjoyed our travels! :)

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