February 27, 2012

Flat Stanley 2012 Part 1

This year has been very fun as we anxiously check our mail to see whose Flat Stanley has returned!
Here is a first look at where our Stanley's visited this year.

This Flat Stanley flew to New Jersey to visit my sweet friend Rebecca.  She took him on a ferry ride, a law library and even a plane ride to Las Vegas. She also sent a cute book about exploring New York City.

 This Flat Stanley flew to Louisiana to visit my friend Candace.  She took him on a vacation to Florida as well!

 This Flat Stanley flew to Indiana to attend the Super Bowl with my Dad.
My Dad even got my student a Super Bowl souvenir. 

 This Flat Stanley went to visit my friend Collette in Minnesota.  She is a Dr. and took Stanley to a prenatal appointment.

 This Flat Stanley flew to Michigan where my friend Dillon is a Sports Anchor for their news.  He took the Flat Stanley to report on the Super Bowl.

This Flat Stanley went to visit my friend Alicia in Colorado.  They were having a huge snowstorm and Stanley got stuck in it! She also sent a sweet book about Denver for my student.

 This Flat Stanley visited my friend Kristen in Texas. She took him as she ran in the "Color Run".

 This Flat Stanley stayed in Arizona and visited my friend Jane who works as a nurse.  She took him in an ambulance!

 This Flat Stanley also stayed in Arizona with my friend Audrey.  He visited City Hall and learned about how America just celebrated it's 100th birthday.

 This Flat Stanley flew to Montana to visit Nick's Aunt Lisa. He got to see all the cows on their ranch and learned about the area.

 This Flat Stanley flew to California to visit my friend Kristin.  She works in a hospital and got him his own ID badge. So cute!

This Flat Stanley also went to California to visit my friend Hannah.  She is a News Reporter on the San Diego news and brought him to the news station.  She also brought him to the beach and a Democratic debate.

 This Flat Stanley went to Alabama to visit my sweet Blogger Friend Amber at Bugs, Barbies, and Wedded Bliss.  Her sweet little man Jax and her took Stanley to the library to check out books and even got him his own library card. So adorable. Thanks sweet girl! 

I will be back later to add more fabulous trips that our Flat Stanley's went on. I've got a little man to feed and report cards to work on! Hope you had a fun first look! 


MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

He's quite the traveler this year!! What amazing friends you've got :)

Amber said...

WOW! Your Flat Stanley's went all over the US! How fun for your students, you are a great teacher!