February 24, 2012

Yes. I am alive.

Slightly dramatic. I know.
 I do realize it's been over a week since I've last blogged.
Life has been pretty busy and I've been exhausted.

First update: Reagan
Poor Reagan was not feeling well this weekend. He refused to eat and complained that his head and stomach didn't feel good. Then came the throw-ing up. Then we noticed the tugging of the ear. We were up ALL night long Monday night. He refused to lay down.

So my mom took him to the doctor on Tuesday morning. Turns out the boy had a double ear infection. And one was so bad it ruptured his eardrum. Poor baby. So he's got drops and medicine and is finally sleeping. Doesn't a sick baby just break a mom's heart? 
I can't leave you with that pitiful picture.
So here is a shot of Reagan driving around with his friend/our next door neighbor Cali.

Second update: School
This week we've been learning about plants.
We started with living/nonliving and tried an experiment to water both and see what happens.

We also sorted living/non living picture cards.

When learning about plant parts, I let the kids explore with their magnifying glasses.

After learning about plant parts and how they grow, we tried a new experiment- Lima beans in a plastic bag. I've never tried planting this way.... and I'm a little honest. The whole wet paper towel thing frustrated me.... so I added soil. Who knows.... 

In writing this week, we continued to write procedural pieces.
I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest and my team and I recreated it.

First we gave the kids bubble gum to chew in class. I know. Real exciting.

We talked about how to blow a bubble.
We then created a flow map to help teach others how to blow a bubble.
The kids then turned their flow map into a procedural piece of writing.
Afterwards we created the cutest pictures of them blowing bubbles.
Thanks to The Teacher Wife for the great idea!

I was really tickled how they turned out.
Aside from the fact that the balloons look a little like something else.
I know. Sick mind.

We've had a great turn out with our Flat Stanley project.
I hope to blog about it later this weekend! 


Megan said...

Love the balloons! I did the paper towel/bean seeds this year for the first time... Took me a little time to wrap my brain around what exactly to do but they turned out awesome and it was cool to see them sprout! If you have questions next time, ask me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope your little man is feeling better!!

I've done the seeds in towels before and it's a hard one since it takes awhile for it to work... Cute bubbles :)

Jamie said...

Love the bubble gum writing! SO cute!

Hope Reagan is feeling better :)