February 16, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Phew. I feel like I'm still recovering from all the Valentines Day festivities!

I guess it all started on Friday. Reagan's school had a Valentine craft evening. It was fun to sit with him and his friends and do lovey-dovey crafts. Saturday I attended my friend Sarah's annual Valentine cookie decorating party.  I was pretty lazy and bought pre-made sugar cookies from Walmart. (Who knew you could buy them that way?) It was fun to be "creative" for a minute. But more fun to catch up with friends.

Valentines Day was a crazy day in first grade!

My awesome teammates and I rotated classes throughout the day.

 In Cori's class the kids decorate bags to hold their valentines.

In Lisa's class they sorted and graphed conversation hearts.

In Kate's class they made Valentine hats.

And in my class we decorated cookies. (Boy did my class smell of sugar!)

After all the rotations we had our class party and the kids loved reading their valentines and enjoying their goodies.  I'm sure they were suger-ed out big time that night!

I always get some pretty "spectacular" Valentines gifts from my students each year. Something about the holiday brings out the crazy in these families. Here are some of gifts of love I got. Is  it bad I saw some random moms and kids at Target this weekend really struggling with what to get their teacher. I straight up told them don't waste their money on these candy hearts and dinky things. I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather have small gift card or class supplies! 

Reagan had a fun day at school exchanging valentines with his friends and having a party.
 Reagan got goodies from his Mimi and Papa and cards from his Grandma and Great Grandma.
 He got new Valentines books and some other goodies from Nick and I.
 I made Nick one of these write on prints- thank you Pinterest! 
 And Nick got me some pretty flowers.

I hope you guys had a day and feel very loved! 


Anonymous said...

You were celebrating for days!! I agree that a $5 gift card can be so much more useful than candies...

Jamie said...

Looks like y'all had a happy Valentine's Day!

My kiddos were CRAZY on Valentine's Day...they were just so excited :)

Jessica said...

i love that "i love you because" board! I would be so excited to see it everyday!