February 11, 2012

Lately in First Grade....

The past two weeks in First Grade we have been talking about the skill of inferencing

We practice doing this daily. I would hold up pictures and the students would have to use what they already knew plus the clues in the pictures to decide what was happening and why.  It's a very hard skill for 6 year olds, but by the end they were rock stars. There were also some fabulous ideas I found here in "blog land" that we did as well.

First, we did one of the amazing Cara Caroll's inference projects using the kids' favorites, "No David!"
We read the book and inferred what was going on each page.

Next, the kids had to choose one page from the book and infer what was David doing and why.
They turned out pretty cute!

We also did one of Babbling Abby's inferencing activities - "What's in my teacher's bag?"

We examined what was in my handbag that day and the kids had to infer why I had those items.
They then chose 2 of the items and wrote about them.

We also started learning about past and present presidents this week.
We ended the week with a president tree map.

We also made little George Washington faces and wrote about him.

In writing this week we started procedural writing.
To start, the kids and I had a "shared experience" of making chocolate milk. 
They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

After we made the chocolate milk we made a flow map.

Next, each table had to make their own flow maps on how to do something. 
They had a blast and did a really good job!

The kids made flow maps on "How to get ready for school", "How to plant a seed", "How to give a dog a bath", "How to make your bed", "How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich", and "How to make a gingerbread house".  After the flow maps, each group presented the class.  Next week we will turn their flow maps into writing. 

Alright, I need to go clean my house and do Valentines! 
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by! 


Victoria said...

I just love this! What great projects you do in class! It does make me sad that you have to put apples over the kids faces. Really? You are such a great teacher, and you are impacting these kids lives in ways you will never know! Keep up the super work! You need to post the valentine blog on Facebook. People would love to read it!
Love you! Mom

Ashley said...

what a cool idea! i read a lot of teacher's blogs and it seems like such an awesome fulfilling career.

Happy sunday lady!

Jamie said...

Y'all have been doing some FUN things! I bet the kiddos just loved the chocolate milk :)

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!