February 5, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend has been pretty lazy...and I'm totally okay with that! 

Friday Night
Reagan had a good day at school. Whew. Thank you Lord. He has not been napping at school and instead- whispering to all the girls in the class during nap time. It was 9 days of no nap! Which made for a really tired little man at home.  So Friday, he finally napped. Halleluja! To celebrate we went to the library and I let him pick out 5 movies and books for the weekend. 

So that evening we just watched movies and relaxed.

I attended a bridal shower for my friend Rachel. Our friend Holly hosted it and did a great job.  She loved the color scheme of the Gender Reveal Party I did for Meg, so she used it as inspiration for the shower.  Everything was beautiful.

 It was an "Around the Clock" shower which was so fun! The guests were all assigned a time and had to give a gift that could be used at that time. So cute. I was assigned 8:00 pm and did a basket full of ice cream sundae supplies.  I wish I had taken a picture because it turned out pretty cute.

I did ice cream bowls from Sur La Table:

ice cream spoons from Sur La Table:

an ice cream scoop
and sundae goodies:

Here is a picture of all of us at the shower!

Saturday Night
Saturday night we let Reagan choose what he wanted to do.  He chose the mall. So we ate at the food court and played in the kids playground area. Driving there he was all about riding the train around the mall and doing the merry-go-round. But once we were there he just kept saying "No, thank you". I think he was having too much fun running around with the other kids. After the mall we went to Best Buy and got Reagan a new game for his Innotab. He is so in love with his "work".

Superbowl Sunday
I had all intentions to take Reagan to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast this morning but was so disappointed to see it wasn't showing anywhere in Scottsdale. Weird, right? So we did pretty much nothing! We read, watched movies, I did progress reports, and Nick currently has the Super Bowl on. My Dad and a couple of my friends are there, but other than that I don't have a lot invested in it. (Not like last year... Boo!) I'm excited for the halftime show, I can tell you that much!
Hope you had a great weekend!


Erica said...

I know it's bad Reagan isn't napping at school but I think it is sweet he is whispering in girl's ears during nap time...little ladies man!

Amber said...

You have a little romeo on your hands:) Sounds like a fun weekend!

Jamie said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend :) Hope you have a great week girl!

Anonymous said...

I went to an o'clock shower - so fun! Forces you to get creative :)

Sounds like a pretty fun weekend