January 30, 2012

Our Weekend

Reagan had another friend's birthday party.
It was kind of a disaster of a party. At least on our part.

Not 5 minutes after getting there Reagan came running over to Nick and I to show us his hands. They were covered in black and blue. We were talking to some of the other parents and totally not paying attention to our 2 year old. Oops. Turns out Reagan found the Thomas the Train cake and threw those hands of his right in it.

Then came the fall. All the kids were sitting on a wall waiting to ride the train.The kiddos started climbing the fence. I told Reagan to be careful which he quickly responded "Me be careful Mama". So I continued talking to the parents some more. Oops. Reagan totally ate-it. Crash. Smack onto the concrete- head first. Holy hell. I was praying it wasn't the teeth. Just a big 'ol goose egg. The party workers were quick with the ice and he was fine. The parents all thought Nick and I were so calm. If they knew our kid more, they would realize this is pretty standard for him. 

We had a family lunch at Lucielle's BBQ.

It was Baby Charlotte's first outing! 
Couldn't you just eat her?

PS- want to see a sneak peak of what is in store for Reagan's 3rd birthday?
Get excited.
I know I am!

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Amber said...

poor reagan! I showed Jax the train cake and he pretended to eat the screen:) Sounds like a fun weekend and Charlotte is a doll!!