January 8, 2012

Our weekend and an update!

Man. Who knew a short week could seem so long?
After 2 weeks on winter break, it was hard to get back into the groove.
It was a good week back with my firsties but I happily welcomed the weekend.

The day was spent being pretty lazy.
Yep. I love being lazy.
That night Reagan was invited to one of his classmate's 3rd birthday party.
It was our first time going to a birthday party where we didn't know anyone. Usually Reagan's friends are my friend's kids. So this was new! It was at a gym and the kids had fun bouncing, riding scooters, and playing games.  Reagan had a blast.

Today we got up and took Reagan and Nick's baby-brother Cooper to the zoo.
It was seriously the perfect day. Not very crowded and beautiful weather.
The boys had lots of fun together and laughed the whole time.

After the zoo we went to visit my MIL in the hospital.
For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know what a long journey this has been.  If you are new- a little recap. My MIL got very sick about 8 weeks ago. Her body basically started to shut down.  She spent 8 weeks in the ICU and a few weeks ago got put on the liver transplant list. Because she was so sick, she got bumped up to the top and only had to wait 6 days to get her transplant (unheard of). Last night she was released from the ICU floor and moved to the rehab floor.  Nick has been visiting her every week but I had only seen her at the very beginning. When we dropped off Cooper to Nick's dad at the hospital we were able to go in and say hello.  She was awake and alert. I could see "Lisa" in her eyes- so wonderful. She still looks extremely tiny and weak. She still has a feeding tube in but is starting to drink water and eat pudding and such. I know she misses her baby boy so much and hopefully he will be able to see her again soon. (Cooper has seen her only a couple of times.) Thank you for all of you who have continued to keep her in your prayers. She is getting better every day.


Taylor said...

The zoo sounds amazing! and So jealous I wasn't there! I loved the Zoo i went to down whereever I was...lol!

I am sorry to hear about Lisa, prayers all the time I have her on the prayer line at work and in my thoughts. Miracles will happen for you!

Lindsey said...

That's great news about your MIL and I hope she gets back to new in no time! She's gorgeous!!

That birthday party looks so fun and I seriously was obsessed with the zoo when I was little. I want to take Reese there, but I never have!! He's been a lot with my mom though. He loves it!