January 15, 2012

Hello Stranger!

Hi blogland.
I know I've been pretty MIA lately. Sorry.

My mind is pretty all over the place right now, so you are geting a good-ol' list post.
Enjoy the randomness that is my mind!

1) I'm completely in love with my new niece. I've visted her daily since she was born. Well, excpet yesterday. Having an almost 3 year old, I totally have forgotten how sweet and sleepy newborns are. I could just hold and stare at her for hours. The hospital didn't let kids other than healthy siblings in to the baby wing, Reagan couldn't see Charlotte for a few days.  On Thursday night we took him over and he was in love.  He is already so proud of her and is saying "my baby is out!"

2) I turned 30 years old on Friday. Old. Fart.
It was a pretty anti-climatic birthday.  Because Charlotte's due date was on my birthday we didn't really plan anything- not knowing when she would make her appearance.  She came a few days early but I still wasn't really feeling the big day.  My girls at work got me lunch and some sweet gifts (I will upload pics later). And some of my students remembered and got me some little goodies. That night I stopped by to see Charlotte and then Nick, Rea and I went to dinner. Aside from the 93 facebook comments I wouldn't have known it was my birthday. (Yes. I counted. Don't prented you don't!) Next milestone- 40. Holy oldness.

3) Pure exhaustion.
I swear. I can't seem to feel 100 percent. I am constantly exhausted. Like could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I thought it might have been the long night/day for Charlotte's delivery. I stayed with Meg the whole time and didn't sleep. But you'd think I'd have caught up by now, right? Who  knows.

4) Last night Nick and I went to see Mission Impossible. Nick's Mom and Stepdad watched Reagan so we could have a little date. It was so nice. The movie was totally entertaining. But Lord. I learned I need to get some more patience. I was so irritated by people in this theater. Sorry to rant. Maybe it's because we NEVER go to movies anymore. But when I go- I want to watch the movie. I don't want to hear the person next to me chewing. I swear this woman was going to town on her nachos. Like a beaver. I'm not kidding. Itty bitty bites that were so loud. And then came the ice. She chomped the ice the entire movie. Oh- and the lady in front of me was seriously making phone calls during the movie. She checked voice mail multiple times and texted throughout. She's lucky she didn't get a foot to the head.

5. My kids at school are STILL doing benchmark testing. Tuesday we will be done with NWEA Math and then in a few weeks is the District Writing Test. Bless their hearts.  I had kids so upset because they didn't get "exceeds". What are we doing to these 6 year olds?!  I've seen so many cute MLK projects and lessons. Yep. That barely happened in our class this week. We talked about him for 10 minutes. I did the egg thing (showed a brown egg and white egg/showed inside/get the gist?) and that was it. Poor kids. Testing has taken over the world.

6. I'm waiting for Reagan to wake up from his nap so we can go to my parents house.  We are going to watch the 2nd half of the Packer/Giants game (GO PACK GO) and then do a little family birthday dinner. My mom is making my favorite enchiladas. Yum. I'm hungry just thinking about them.


Erica said...

Happy birthday!!! Your niece is beautiful and Reagan is adorable as always! I love the last picture you can see how excited he is for "his baby."

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! The only time I am ever as tired as you described is when I was pregnant...just sayin. I also totally could have been the nacho muncher! I always get the nachos but I try to eat them just during the commercials before the previews start. They are a noisy food to eat during a movie. rude. Reagan is too cute loving his baby cousin.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Birthday Twin!! Haha I laughed out loud about your facebook comments because all day Friday I would count. haha. My husband made fun of me all day--- like he doesn't count, right!? Congrats on your niece as well!!! Such a special time!!

Ashley said...

Hey! I have been a MIA blogger lately but Im back and its so good to read through your blog!Your little man is getting so big. What a cutie! My new URL is


maripie said...

Totally agree re: testing. It's worse in 4th grade. :( funny bout the movies-I agree, so rude. Here's to your 30's !

Jamie said...

Reagan looks so cute holding his new baby cousin :)

Happy {belated} birthday friend! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!