March 1, 2012

Things that make me smile... Thursday

I have had lots of things that have been making me smile lately.
So what better way than to spread the happiness! :)

Reagan has been absolutely cracking me up. The things that come out of his mouth are just so random and funny. For example, he loves to dance / run around like a crazy man.  Afterwards he will dramatically lie on the group with his hand over his head and say "ooh. my heart is just too tired". Drama.

He has also been singing into this dancing flower thing.  It stands up so it works perfectly as a microphone.  As he sings his made up songs, he totally does his hands like the Backstreet Boys. You know. The first finger pointed out, starting at the top and going down.
Future boy band member?!?

Last night at the grocery store I let Reagan pick out a snack in the chip isle.
He chose Puffy Cheetos. (I don't think he's ever had them before.)
As he was telling me that he wanted them, he called them "Tiger Food". 

My mom showed me this clip from "It's a Brad Brad World" this afternoon.
I couldn't stop smiling. I would love for my friends and family to break out in song for me.

And Sophia Grace and Rosie- ya. still kind of obsessed with them.
I would love a British little girl. 

My amazing hubby.
I've been pretty out of it lately and he has been super-hubby/daddy. 
(This is us at the zoo last weekend.)

My Mother in Law Lisa is out of the hospital! Just over 100 days in the hospital and she was released on Friday. Thank you God. We are looking forward to hopefully seeing her this weekend! 

Lots to smile about.


Amber said...

Reagan would be a great boy bander! I love it! I wish we had a zoo close by, Jax loves animals. Our closest zoo is an hour away. I am so glad your MIL is home finally. I hope she thrives! Have a fun weekend! We are planning to take Jax to see The Lorax, I can't wait!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

He sounds like the perfect boy band candidate!! Would love to see him with his dramatic tired heart :)

Victoria said...

It makes me smile and oh so happy that you find joy in your life! Love you Mandingo! Love this post!

Victoria said...

Ok, for the record, I just watched the Brad video for the umteenth time, and still am smiling from ear to ear!!!!!