March 16, 2012

Our Spring Break

Spring Break is totally coming to an end. Tear.
Here is a run down of what we've been up to:

We went to our friend Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party
Jenny did a fabulous job and everyone had a great time!

Reagan and I took Lily to get groomed, ran errands, and joined Nick at my sister's house for their annual March Madness Draft Party.
 I pretty much suck at drafting... so I just stayed with the kids in the living room. Reagan was so cute and would copy everything I did with Charlotte with his Woody doll. Here is is burping him. ha!

My mom, Meg, and I loaded up the kids and went to IKEA. We were looking for furniture for Reagan's "Big Boy Bedroom". We are excited to upgrade him soon!! 

After IKEA we went to buy Reagan some new shoes and then grabbed lunch at Sauce.

This was a pretty lazy day for us. Reagan just wanted to hang around the house and I was totally okay with that. We watched movies, played in the backyard, and cleaned.  That afternoon my mom picked up Reagan to take him to Nordstroms to get some more shoes. 

Nick took off Thursday and Friday to spend some time with us.
So yesterday we took Reagan to the World Wildlife Zoo. Reagan and Nick had never been before, so it was really fun. It's a huge zoo/aquarium and we were all exhausted afterwards!

Today we are hanging out and hopefully running errands later. I need to upgrade my phone (I wish an IPhone.. but I think we are going to have to get something cheaper. Tear.) We also need to go look at mattresses for Reagan's bed. But little man is complaining about his ears hurting again. Damn ear infections.

This Weekend
We are having Nick's Mom over to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. And I have a bunch of school work that I put off all week to do!

In other news.... we are currently obsessing over the show Boardwalk Empire from Netflix. Have any of you watched it? So good!  We just finished Big Love. I loved that show but was pretty blah about the series finale..


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how early some spring breaks are this year!! Or maybe ours is really late - the 2nd week of April.

Hope your little man's ears are feeling better...

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great Spring Break - nice mix of fun and relaxation!

Jamie said...

So glad you had a great spring break! Mine is the week before Easter and it can't get here soon enough!