November 4, 2011

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

This week in our class we investigated pumpkins.
We learned about the life-cycle of a pumpkin, learned about  it's parts, and explored real pumpkins.
Here are some pictures from the week:
My collection of pumpkin books
We first did sink/float experiments.

And wrote in our journals.

Then we measured how tall our pumpkins were.

And compared lengths.
Then we weighed our pumpkins.
And counted how many ribs each pumpkin had.

We measured the circumference of each pumpkin.
 The next day it was time to get dirty

 Each table counted how many seeds were in their pumpkin.

 I saw this idea from Babbling Abby and it helped my kids so much!

They put 10 seeds in each circle,so we only had to count by 10s! Genius!

We made a flow chart to explain the life cycle of a pumpkin.
 And turned it into writing.
 Then the kids labeled the parts of a pumpkin and wrote their own descriptions of the life cycle.

 Today we voted on how to carve one of the pumpkins.
 This is what they voted on.
 And worked more in our pumpkin journals.

It was a busy, but fun week!


Rachel said...

Love it! We did some similar activities, I was not as good at documenting as you :) Write from the Beginning was awesome today, I'm excited!

Taylor said...

this is so cute! ugh I am just going to keep everything you do so when i have kids and I can this type of stuff with them so they will be smarter than all the other children! :) lol