November 7, 2011

You're walking like you just got off a horse.....

Well, that's because I did.
Yep. This weekend was Nick's birthday horseback ride.
And I survived! Thank you Jesus.

Let me rewind....

So, Nick is always talking about how he loves horses and wants to have a horse in the backyard. (I'm totally sure the HOA will go for that one!) So for his 30th birthday I surprised him with a 3 hour horse-back ride. Oh yes. Did I tell you I'm pretty much terrified of horses? Exciting.

We arrived at the Ponderosa Stables at South Mountain in Phoenix.

We were taking the "Sunset T-Bone Ride".
So 1 1/2 hours starting at 5:30pm. 
Oh- and the sun set at 5:45. Awesome. Pitch black. Through the mountains.
Down steep rocks. 

I seriously chapped my inner thighs (don't laugh) because I was squeezing onto that horse so tight. But I digress.. So, our ride included Nick and myself, plus a random man who paid to ride- by himself. And our cowboy guide.  They placed me right behind the guide. Good call. Since I talked his ear off and asked about 101 questions throughout the ride. I was a nervous Nelly.

Anyways. At 7:00 we arrived at the restaurant.  I seriously couldn't walk. Total jello legs. We ordered some steaks and diet cokes... I don't think I could have had any alchie- as much as I wanted it to calm my nerves... I was sure I would just tip right off that horse.

After dinner-yep-you guessed it.... we got back on those horses.
Holy hell.
Another 1 1/2 hours back to the stables.
This ride I was actually feeling quite confident. My inner cowgirl came out and I pretended I was from the movie "True Grit". I'm not joking. Pretending totally helps!

We saw a coyote about 25 feet away from us. And an owl about 5. And I felt invincible.

Anyway. Nick was grinning ear to ear and I got the "best wife award". So all in all, it was a success.

Now for the proof:
 Nick meeting his horse. Male bonding.
 Me and my horse Petri. Please don't kill me horse.
 Heading off... our cowboy.
 The cowboy took a couple of pics of me. Proof.

Dinner... resting our legs.

I stole these pictures from their website.
 The mountains
The beautiful view of the Phoenix skylights. We really did see this.

So yes, I survived.
And yes, I will be walking funny for the next few days.
Happy Birthday Nick.


Mrs. Julius said...

omg, you just gave me a good idea for my husband's birthday too! he always tells me he loves horses too but not sure if he's been on one. i've always wanted to ride one so i think i might try this for his birthday. looks like a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! What a trooper you are to hang out on a horse all night :)

Jamie said...

Awww glad y'all had fun! I bet Nick really appreciated you going :)

Alysia Battista said...

Just found your blog...while I'm on fall break visiting family in Phoenix! How funny is that?!?

Miss B, Busy Bee