November 1, 2011

Our Halloween

I hope that you all had a great halloween!
I have had so much fun looking through all of  your pictures.

I took off the day from work so that I could join Reagan for his class party.
It is always so fun to see him interacting with his little friends.
 Reagan and his 2 sweet teachers.
 Miss Monica reading a story before the party.
 The kids loved Reagan's light up Buzz.
 Before they ate, the kids all prayed.
It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.
 Look at his little clasped hands. I could melt.
 Time to eat!

After the kids ate they had a parade around the school. Too cute!
 With my sweet boy.
That night we went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood.  Reagan got really into it this year! He walked for about 3 blocks and kept saying "More doors!" Then we came back to pass out candy.

Haha.. and then wanted to be carried!

Oh, since you're here.... Buzz is requesting that you please keep his mommy in the running for a Top Mommy/Teacher blog. Please vote here!


Mrs. Mama said...

cutest little buzz lightyear i ever did see!

Jamie said...

Awww. Little clasped hands in his costume. Too cute.

Victoria said...

Love love love the little man!

Jamie said...

Reagan's Buzz costume is SO cute on him!