November 21, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was crazy.
Aside from all of the scariness and stress of my mother in law, we had a lot going on.

Thursday night Reagan and I went to dinner with my sister and some friends. We got to meet Angie's beautiful baby Aubrey for the first time. Reagan was in love.

I ended up bailing on my sweet friend Holly's (love ya girl) birthday dinner Friday night and Nick and I had a movie marathon to get our minds off of things.  Here's what we saw:
 Entertaining but cheesy.
 I liked it. Although Nick Cage is still a joke.
Totally weird but I stayed awake.

Saturday we watched Cooper (my baby-brother-in-law) during Lisa' surgery.  We took the boys to the railroad park and they had a blast.

That night we went to tailgate with friends before the ASU/UA game.  Some great friends flew in for the weekend for my sister's baby shower (more on that later).  The ASU/UA game is always a big rivalry and thus a big tailgate. We had a lot of fun pre-gaming-it.

The game on the other hand. We wont go there.  It didn't end so pretty.  
Sunday, I threw my sister her baby shower. I will do a seperate post on that!
Happy Monday loves!!


MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Hope your MIL is doing ok... Love the pics of Rea with the little girl, adorable!!

Can't wait to hear about the shower :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week girlie!

Victoria said...

Love you so much, and so very proud of you as a daughter, mother, teacher and woman!