November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving at School....

A little late to be blogging about this.
But we are finally finishing up our little study on the first Thanksgiving.

Here is what we have been up to:
 We sequenced the events.
 We made a "thankful turkey".
 We wrote facts about the Mayflower and drew pictures of what we would have brought.
 We made Pilgrim and Indian hats.

 And played games the Pilgrim children played.
Like hopscotch
 leap frog,
 and squat tag.
 We also wrote about Pilgrim girls and boys
and made our very own little colonial kids.
Today some of our BIG benchmark tests began!
We took our "Easy CBM" math test and they started to DIBEL our first graders.
'Tis the season for testing right?


Rachel said...

Very cute! I'm trying to pull it together to do some cute Christmas activities...we'll see. Dibels tomorrow and CBM Friday and we don't do NWEA until January, thank goodness! How did your kids do?

Mrs. Mama said...

oh you're so awesome!! everything looks great!

Jamie said...

Cute, cute, cute as always!

Taylor said...

Can you make me a pilgrim hat!!! pretty please!!!!!