October 30, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday was Nick's birthday.

(Haha. Sorry- no pics of the birthday boy here. I just thought Reagan looked like such a big boy!)

That night we went out to dinner to celebrate and then came home to open gifts.

Reagan had quite the time picking out a gift for his daddy. He was sooo sure Nick needed some new Mater toys from Cars 2. That caused quite the scene at Target, let me tell you. Picture me trying to reason with him on the floor (as he was having a melt down) that Mater is more of a Reagan toy, not a daddy toy. He ended up choosing the new Pirates of the Carrabean movie. I dont even know if Nick is interested in seeing it , but at that point I didn't care!

I got Nick a 3 hour horse ride. Yep. Wife of the year.  My husband was born in Montana although he lived most of his life here in Arizona.  He thinks deep down he is a cowboy. It's pretty hilarious.  And if you know me, I'm not exactly Miss Nature.  I've been on a horse like once. At a friend's birthday party in elementary school and I did not like it one bit.  So this is kinda a big deal. Next weekend we will ride horses for 1 1/2 to a sunset-steakhouse-dinner then ride an 1 1/2 back. Holy sore legs.

I bet you can't wait for those pictures, right?

Saturday we went to the ASU football game. We visited my sister and some friends at a tailgate first.  And then headed to the stadium to cheer on the Sun Devils.  They won and Reagan actually watched the game. A success!

Wanna hear something scary though? (Hope she doesn't kill me for blogging about it!) But my sister Meg, whos is due in January was in line for a water bottle at the game and totally fainted.  Girls- take care of yourself- especially if you are preggos! Drink water and eat enough food to keep you healthy during those hot games! Luckily some nice guys took her to the medics and they released her with a clear check.  I think she and the baby are fine, she was just a bit shaken up!

Today we went to get flu shots.  Reagan did a great job- no tears!  He was pretty excited for the lollipop. :) We then went to the neighborhood sports bar to eat lunch and cheer on the Arizona Cardinals. It was a crazy close game...we lost, but it's okay.

I'm really excited because I took tomorrow off work to go help at Reagan's class Halloween party. I can't believe Halloween is already here! It is going to be Christmas before we know it!!

Ps- super excited! I finally caved and ordered an Erin Condern planner. Thanks to all of you wonderful blog friends I got a smokin deal!

PPS- Thanks to all of you who have been voting for my blog at Circle of Moms. I really do appreciate your help, and I'm not gonna lie- I wanna be in the top 25! I think I'm 13 right now.. So keep it up ladies! :) Love you! Vote here


Rachel said...

Poor Meg! I'm so glad she is ok. Dan kept commenting on what a neat kid Reagan is :) Can you tell we're ready?!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun today! Happy Halloween :)

Jamie said...

He is so cute!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

Can't wait to hear all about the horse ride!

Michelle said...

Ok...you seriously win the award for cutest kid ever!!!

So glad to hear that your sister and baby are doing fine!

Have a great week!

Michelle @ TheVintageApple