October 27, 2011

Halloween's Past

This will be Reagan's 3rd Halloween! How crazy is that?
The first one was really more for us.
He was just 6 months old and we dressed him up as a pumpkin.
No real trick or treating... just playing around and taking pictures!

Last year I let Reagan choose what he wanted to be. (He was 18 months.) 
He was very into Elmo (obviously- we did an Elmo birthday party that year too!)
 He still can't say Elmo, but instead just rolls his tongue.
 It's bizarre.
But cute.
 He trick or treated to the neighbors house but wasn't quite sure what the big deal was.

This year should be fun. 
 He has been practice trick or treating around the house with both of his old treat bags. 
Stay tuned to see what our little pumpkin will be this year!

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