October 2, 2011

College memories....

I LOVED college. Seriously. We had a blast. I've been thinking of my college days a lot this weekend because one of my favorite new members (back from my old sorority president days) got married. Lexi was sweet to invite us but we weren't able to attend. Thinking of Lex and all of our wild times really has sent me down memory lane. It's funny. Back when I was in college there was no facebook. Thank goodness. These were only pics I could find on fb. I have at least 2 scapbooks for each year in college. What a trip.

 At Sigma Chi Derby Days with my Theta sisters (Soph year)
 I think this was from philanthropy day of Rush. (Jr Year)
 Halloween (Jr Year I think)
 Pre-party-in before an Army Date Party "Make Love Not War" (Jr year)
 A party at my apartment (Sr Year)
 Pre-party-in before a "golf hoes and tennis pros" date party (Jr Year?)
 Chartering a bus down to Mexico for a Pike formal. (Sr Year)
 Bid day (Sr Year)
 A preference night during Rush (Soph year)
 Pre-party-in before Crush Party (Soph year?)
 On the bus riding to the army date party (Yes. I was wearing a top that said "get tanked". Lord)
 Posing with the Pike winners after an all day Kats With Bats softball tournament.
 With friends after a fall formal (Sr year?)
Riding the bus home (clearly) from Mexico. I look a little spent.

It's so funny to think about all the trouble and fun we had back in college and to see where everyone is now. I must say. My ASU Theta girls have really done great things in their lives.  From the girls I spent my days and nights with , we have like 7 newscasters around the country, an actresses, a wife to a country superstar, wives/fiances to athletes, etc. I am so proud to call them my sisters and friends. Love you all! 


Emily said...

I really loved this post!!! I am in my senior year of college and I love it, but I'm at the point where I want to be done! This post helped me realize just how much I will miss it once it's gone. I love all the pictures with Pike...my boyfriend is a Pike alum!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Isn't it funny the outfits we thought were so cute for all those themed parties!?? Yikes :) I definitely miss the sorority fun, but recently helped with Kappa Delta's recruitment and was happy to not have those long nights anymore...

Jamie said...

Oh I just loved college and being in a sorority too :) So many great memories!

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Rissy said...

ahhh my friend Allie was a Theta at ASU! and I know you guys had an AMAZING chapter because my boyfriend said "allie told me they are chapter of the year at ASU" right after I told him I was pledging Theta at UMD. (I dropped out of pledging the day before initiation oopps)

Looking back at college stuff is always so amusing and a little cringe worthy too hahaha

Raven said...

loved all your college pics!! You were just a little party girl?? I went to college for two semesters and then quit to go snowboarding and never went back to college again :)