October 15, 2011

Disneyland.....Day 3

Here ya go!
Today's blog post about our Disneyland trip- day 3!
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Day 3 started with a trip to Mickey's ToonTown.
With our hotel package we got into ToonTown early for a special meet and greet celebration.

Reagan met Chip/Dale

 Chatted with a cast member
 Loved on Mickey Mouse

 Watched the "Town Hall Meeting"

Below is the video from the celebration:

We visited lots of Disney friends and their houses

 Donald Duck
 Reagan was a little scared of him. He told him "Donald Duck no bite Rea Rea!"


Mickey Mouse or as Reagan calls him "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"

 We visted the school

Rode rides and played around

Reagan rode his first roller coaster!

 Rode on Roger Rabbit's Ride
 Broke out of jail

After ToonTown we head to Frontierland.
On the way we ran into Captain Hook or as Reagan calls him "F-ook"- you can imagine. Awesome.
In Frontierland we visted the petting zoo (who knew?) and gave Woody and Jessie some love!
We love ourselves some Toy Story !!!

We rode the Disney Pirate Ship around the lake.

Then it was time to say good-bye to Disneyland and head back to the hotel for lunch and naps.

Later that afternoon we headed over to California Adventure.
We were really excited because neither Nick or I had been there before. This was a first for all of us!

 This summer they will be opening Cars Land. How awesome is that?!
 We posed with 2 of Reagan's favorites- Mater and "Car"

 When it was time for the next kid to smile and pose, Reagan completely broke down. He was soooo upset to leave. He didn't understand why he couldn't spend more time with him. Poor guy.

Next we headed to the Disney Junior Show.
If you have a little one, you are probably very familiar with the Disney Junior characters. This was a great show where we just sat on the floor and the kids watched their favorite characters, sang and danced.
 We saw all the guys from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
 Handy Manny

 Caught bubbles
 Saw the Little Einsteins
 And our favorite- Jack and the Neverland Pirates

 We even caught gold deblooms!

After the show we headed over to A Bug's Land for more rides.

We ate some dinner and Reagan had his first hot dog.

We rode on the Monster's Inc. Ride. I love me some Mike, Sully, and Boo!

Then we headed to the animation area for Turtle Time with Crush (from Finding Nemo) , the Beast's Library, and some other little exhibits.

 Then it was time to head back to the hotel for bed!

We had a great day 3 in Disneyland!

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Rachel said...

They have added a lot at CA! My nephew calls Him "Lining Aqueen" :) Reagan is so lucky!