October 23, 2011

3rd Annual Pumpkin Party

3 years ago I invited my family and a couple of friends over to eat yummy food and carve pumpkins. Last year we did it again with about double to people. And this year we did it again- with double that ! It was really fun.  I had girlfriends hanging out on the patio, talking all night. Their boyfriends and husbands talking sports and playing cornhole.  I had more friends carving pumpkins and getting dirty. ( Not my cup of tea- not a big pumpkin carver!) And I had tons of kids running around the backyard like crazy, little ants. But, boy was it fun.

Here are some pictures. I must admit, I was kinda slacking on the pictures last night.
Must have been talking too much!

Here is some of the Halloween decor around our house:

 Nick, Reagan, and I

 Reagan dancing with Aunt Meg
 Rea Rea and his Woody pumpkin

 With my mom and sister Meg
 The food table
 The dessert table
 Friends and Family

 The kids playing

 Time to carve

 We also sang to Nick. His 30th birthday is next week!

We had a great time!
Hope you and your families are enjoying this holiday season!
Such a fun time for friends and families.

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Rachel said...

We had a great time, you are an awesome hostess!

Hadar said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Everything looks great!

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

I don't even personally know you but I know I would like you! LOL... What an absolutely fun way to spend your day with your loved ones. You are an awesome hostess and your home is absolutely beautiful! Happy Halloween! And thank you for sharing your pictures.

Miss Reeve said...

Okay this is seriously super cute! I love the idea and all of the decorations! How fun! :)

The Kinder Life

Jamie said...

Very cute! I love that you do this every year!

Kelly said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Love the food spread, looks delicious!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like such a fabulous time. The decorations are so cute! Love your blog and I am your newest follower!