October 14, 2011

Disneyland .... Day 2

Hi friends... I'm back!
Day 2 at Disneyland started EARLY.  When you stay at the Disneyland hotels you get to do "Morning Magic" a couple of days a week.  This means you get to enter the park an hour before the park opens. Amazing. So we were up at 5:30 and at the park gates at 6:30. Holy Smokes.
(Day 2)

We headed straight to Fantasy Land (where the rides are normally out of control). 
We literally walked right into all the rides. Sooooo cool! 
Our first ride was Peter Pan.

Then it was time for Dumbo.

Then it was off to the Merry-Go-Round. (If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know Reagan LOVES himself a Merry-Go-Round)!

After the Merry-Go-Round we did Pinocchio.
And tried to pull the sword out.

Then it was time for tea-cups!!

And then Alice in Wonderland.

This ride was quite the trip. Let's see... see those bars behind him? He stuck his head in between them and got stuck. Awesome. I panicked and yanked. Probably not the best idea. But his head did come out (with a few red bar marks).  What else? He made a girlfriend in line. They held hands and stroked each other's arms. Aww.. young love.

Oh but there's more... after this picture was taken, the ride broke.  Lights  came on and we had to sit and wait for them to unlock our little car.  Then we were walked out of the ride. So weird!! I had my camera out (duh) and was trying to take some behind the scenes pictures... def was told to put that bad boy away... this was top secret stuff. Who knew!?

Time for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
And It's a Small World.

Then we rode the Storybook boats.
By now the park had opened up completely.  We lined up to meet some of the Disney villains.
 Cruella de Ville
 The Queen of Hearts
Reagan was terrified.
And I just laughed.
 Mother of the Year!

We stopped at the Mad Hatter (Thanks , Star!) and got Reagan his first pair of Mickey ears!
Then it was time for a little photo shoot by the castle!

We then walked through and explored the castle.

We rode Snow White's ride.

And rode the Disneyland Railroad around the park.
I've never done this before either! So cool!

Then it was time to head back to the hotel for lunch and a big nap! It had been a busy morning.

After our nap we freshened up, changed, and headed back to the park.

We headed to Tomorrow Land.
And drove cars in Autotopia.

Then it was time for Finding Nemo ride.

For dinner we headed to Critter Country and ate hamburgers and chicken strips at The Hungry Bear.

Then it was time for Pooh Bear.

We did some picture taking...

 And rode the Casey Jr. Train.

 Saw the castle at night.
And headed over to save seats for the Fantasmic show.
We sat and waited for a good hour and a 1/2.
Reagan ate a churro and played with his new light-up Mickey.

The show was AMAZING. Reagan was in heaven. We had the best seats (even though because we were so close to the water we got soaked!!) Reagan got to see all of the characters, water display, and fireworks!
How awesome is this picture?!

Here is a video from the Fantasmic show!

After the show, we went through a couple of shops and played a Wood quarter game.

And then headed back to the hotel for bed!

Hope you enjoyed Day 2! We sure did! :)


Jamie said...

How fun! I love his pirate shirt with his name...so cute!

Rachel said...

I love the pic of him looking up at the castle in his Micky Ears! You should submit it to Disney :)