June 10, 2013

Photo Dump!

Hi friends.
Things have been all sorts of crazy around this part lately.
I feel like a big time soccer mom driving the van to every activity known to man lately.
And when I'm not driving, I'm feeding babies, making baby food, changing diapers, etc.

So much to fill you in on.
And I promise I will be a better blogger.

I'm going to try and get back into the groove this week.

To start us off I will do a photo dump today.
Because Lord knows I take a million pics on my phone! 


Teacher appreciation gifts for Reagan's teachers - day 1
Thank you Pinterest!

Teacher appreciation gifts for Reagan's teachers - day 2
Thank you Pinterest!

Teacher appreciation gifts for Reagan's teachers - day 3
(Essie nail polishes and mini pedicure kits)
Thank you Pinterest!

Silly Hudson

Twinkies in yellow!

Bathtime fun

Trying to recreate Reagan's photo with Hudson

Wearing ASU outfits

Happy babies!

Baby bunnies in our neighborhood


Happy Mother's Day flowers

My side of the booth

Learning to pick my battles ... his outfit- yikes!

These two were not  ready for bed!


Love these two!

Out to lunch during Daddy's week off. 
Celebrating new jobs!

I could eat her.

Just a little reading!

Lily is so good with the babies!

We love our night walks. 
Reagan and Nick looking for quails and bunnies.

All 3 playing together!

We've got a stand-er!

How ridiculous is this picture?

Once Hudson started crawling, there was no stopping him!

Blowing up the inflatable pool.

Reagan doing some "school work" with Mama while the babies nap.

Trying sippy cups for the first time.

Cool dude

Baby food has gotten quite messy!

Love them.

Memorial Day twinkies.

How adorable is my niece.


Hudson reading before bed! 
Ha Ha

My first time taking all 3 kids to Shake Rattle and Roll at the library.

Working on handwriting.

Hudson has successfully chewed up both cribs. 

What happens when Harper has way more jammies than Hudson?
Pink jammies for Huddy!

Lunch with friends at Chic-fil-a!

Happy summer cupcakes for Reagan's teachers.

Uh oh! Mommy put up the baby gates!

Harper reading.


New earrings I got for my "two peas in a pod"!

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!"

Sleepy Hudson!

Sacked out Harper!

The babies are such troopers every afternoon while Reagan has swimming lessons!
 It is so hot!

Super Rea Rea reading to the babies.

My first Crystal Faye order!

Little stinkers!

Not a fan of the avocados!


Rebecca said...

OMG! Those are adorable! Super Reagan cracked me up! Wheeler is doing the same thing these days, he is Super Ninja Monkey and reads to his sister. And Hudson's avocado face is priceless! Loved seeing the pics.

Mommy Mandy said...

Those teacher appreciation gifts are SO cute!

Nicole said...

Oh they are just the cutest! I so look forward to your blog posts to see all of these cute pictures!

Rachel said...

I love the quote about your heart being full, I'm going to have to start using that one. We're going to try avacado soon and the boys have the same pirate set...too cute!