June 27, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

Last week was VBS at church.
We had a GREAT week.
It was Reagan's first time attending and my first time teaching.

I was a little nervous being a newbie but I had the best time. I definitely will do it again in the future.  There was something so rewarding about teaching the little ones about God's love.

Our church picked the SonWest Roundup theme and it was so cute.  All of the rooms, snacks, crafts, etc. were western and the music was awesome.  Reagan LOVED the songs and requested the "Country Jesus" music be played every.single.time we drove in the car. (All of the kids got a CD of the music the first day). By the way, we are still listening to the CD. Oh my word. And the dancing. Each day they taught the kids a new dance to the songs and Reagan was obsessed. The adults got such a kick out of watching him dance each day.  A couple days he even magically found his way to the stage to dance. 

Here is a little snip-it of the music. So cute right?

Here is a video of Reagan dancing on stage.
I was talking to one of my kids and looked up and there he was - dancing with some of the fifth graders. What a nut job! I had to quickly grab my phone out of my pocket and film it for Nick.

I taught the 3/4 year old class and Reagan was in the 4/5 year old class.  Our groups traveled around to each station together so it was very interesting to see Reagan in action with other kids.  He sure gets rowdy with other little boys his age.  I had to pull out the teacher voice quite a few times with him since he thought he ruled the school. 

Here are some pictures from the week.

Monday was Cowboy Day

Reagan was in hog heaven to wear his Woody Halloween costume to church.

Here are some photos from that day. (Eating his armadillo shaped quesadilla during snack time, being the river during the bible story of baby Moses in the basket, and making a cross necklace during craft time.)

Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day

I seriously had no idea what to do for crazy hair day. My friend Jessie recommended we used dry shampoo for Reagan's hair and it totally worked. We called it "old man" hair because it colored it grey/white.  I pulled my hair in a top knot and stuck a bee in it. I called it a bee-hive. Who knows! Not very crazy! 

Here are some photos from that day. (Playing Moses in the bible story, playing a minute to win it game, and making a snake in craft time).

Reagan enjoying a cow snack!

Wednesday was Mustache Day

Seriously. I don't know how men do it. I was so stinking itchy from that thing!

I just love this picture of him dancing!

Thursday was Favorite Color Day

Each group had different colored bandannas. How perfect that my group's color was pink- duh- it's my favorite color! And no I didn't get to pick it! Winner winner chicken dinner! Ps- Reagan is sporting his favorite color green and his boots. He was in hog heaven wearing his boots every day!

Friday was Hat Day

By the end of the week I was exhausted and very happy to throw on a baseball hat!

I am so thankful that we had a huge turn out for VBS and that I met many wonderful people and kiddos that week. 

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It looks like you had so much fun!!!