May 31, 2013

Five on Friday Link-Up

Today I'm trying to get back into the groove of blogging (it's been awhile) by joining these sweet bloggers for 5 on Friday. Click here to join in

My mind has been pretty scattered lately- so a quick list is perfect!

Summer break is officially starting at our house. 
Today is Reagan's last day at pre-school and he will be home with the babies and I.  He's going to be pretty busy with all of his activities though. We are all really excited for this summer break!

We've already made a little dent in his Summer Bucket List.

The babies are really starting to teeth.
Hudson has already popped 1 tooth and he is gnawing on everything- especially the cribs! Yikes.  So we've put the plastic pieces on most of the crib sides (but still need more!) I ordered and received the Amber necklaces from Amazon and the babies have been wearing them this week. I'm not really sure if I notice anything or not but I'm willing to try anything! My kids look like little hippie babies but oh well!

Nick got a new job a few weeks ago. 
It was such a blessing for our family. 
He literally works 12 minutes from home! He is home at 4:30 pm each day!
I'm so proud of him and all he does for our family.

It was a big day for my DVR and I today.
I decided I just don't have enough time to watch all of the shows I have dvr-ed, so I canceled half of my scheduled recordings.  Don't worry- nothing was deleted from Bravo. 

I have a couple of books on hold at the library, but I wan to add more to my list. What are some current favorites or must-reads I should add? Thanks in advance. PS- My last read was the sequel to Firefly Lane , Fly Away by Kristin Hannah. Super, super sad! But I loved it! I just love these characters- so obv I would  recommend it to you! :)


Lea Culp said...

So good to be back in touch with my blogging buddies. My goodness, I've had such withdrawal while being away. What a cute link up! I'll have to remember this. What cute pics and yea for Hubby getting a job closer to home. That is wonderful for all concerned. Happy weekend!

The Burtons said...

Sounds like you have a fun Summer planned with the kiddos! Are you still going back to work in August?? Also funny you asked about books- I did a blog with recommendations today! Home Front by Kristin Hannah is awesome!! Have a great wknd :)

Amy said...

Congrats to Nick on the new job! 4:30PM?! That's wonderful!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It sounds like your husband has a great new job!
I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation!