May 8, 2013

Twins 7 Month Update

Last week the babies turned 7 months.
Time can just slow down any moment now.

Not too much has changed from their 6 month update but I will try.


The babies feeding schedule is as follows:
7:00 am - 6 oz bottle (3 oz breast milk, 3 oz formula)
11:00 am - oatmeal and baby food as well as a 4 oz bottle (2 oz bm, 2 oz formula)
2:00 pm -  6 oz bottle (3 oz breast milk, 3 oz formula)
5:00 pm rice cereal and baby food as well as a 4 oz bottle (2 oz bm, 2 oz formula)
8:00 pm 6 oz bottle (3 oz breast milk, 3 oz formula)

Harper has gotten so much better with her eating.  She actually enjoys the cereal and baby food now and likes to grab the spoon.  Hudson still loves everything you give him. He is one happy eater.


The babies are still wearing size 2 diapers.  And hopefully will be for a bit longer.  We have so many size 2 diapers that my mom bought before they were born! As for clothes, they are primarily wearing 6-9 month clothing, although they still can fit in some of their 3-6 month stuff if I need.  Most of Harper's clothes are hand-me-downs from my niece Charlotte.  I have gotten a few new things here and there but most of them are hers.  Hudson wears some of Reagan's old stuff but unfortunately the seasons were opposite.  So most of Reagan's 6-9 month stuff is long sleeved or winter wear.  He has a ton of onesies and such for around the house, but when it's time for an important outfit or something I have to go buy something new.  Remember last month I wrote about how I've been having the babies sleep in onesies? Well, now I'm back into long pjs. So we'll see.  We just have so many cute pajamas and I felt like it was a waste for them not to wear them.  Call me crazy.


Both babies love sleeping in their sleep sacks.  It's crazy.  The minute you put them in it they relax and their eyes start to roll back.  It must be a security thing for them.  Precious.  They both love to cuddle with their lovies at night too.  Both babies tend to roll to their side and then move to their tummies to sleep now.  I think this is why they are sleeping better and more soundly.  Hudson had a great last week where he slept through the night each night! Wahoo.  A few rough nights this weekend for him, but he slept through the night last night.  Let's hope he's back!  They both go to sleep for the night at 8:30 pm and wake up around 7:00 am. They are getting a morning nap , an early afternoon nap, and a late afternoon nap as well.  


Knock on the wood, the babies have been overall healthy.  Hudson has had a runny nose but nothing serious.  Thankfully they did not get the flu that we all had so bad! Still no teeth for either of the babies.  And I keep meaning to order those amber necklaces from Amazon for teething too. Just to be ready.  I've heard so many great things from you fellow bloggers about them! 

Dear Harper,

You continue to just brighten my days.  I love your happy smile.  But when you are serious, boy are you serious.  We can't get a smile out of you.  But when we do- it makes it all worth it.  

I love to watch you study the world around you. 

You have discovered how to hold yourself up in a push-up position.  It's crazy and scares me to death.  I'm so afraid you are going to look balance and face plant.  You love to get on your knees and rock back and forth.  You are really enjoying our new jumperoo and love to jump really fast. 

You are a talking machine.  You mainly say "Da-da-da" or "Ba-ba-ba" and occasionally I will get a "Ma-ma-ma", but I know you are just making sounds and not really connecting us to the words.

When you are crying, I often try to give you your binky and boy do you get mad.  You swat it away with such an attitude. Does the girl-diva-gene begin already?! :)

Miss Priss, I sure love you!

Dear Hudson,

You are still our happy little man.  You love to laugh and think you are pretty funny. I swear. Your laugh is one of the best noises I've ever heard.

I call you my little monkey because when I pick you up, you hang on exactly like a monkey would.  So cute.

You love to burrow your face in anything and everything. A blanket, a bib, a jammie. You must love the feeling.  

You are still grunting, not talking yet. Tonight Daddy said you sound just like Beavis and Butthead, not that you have any idea who they are! Way before your time!

You are such a Mama's boy.  The other night you were so worked up and upset and nothing Daddy did would calm you down.  We finally gave you may blanket and you held onto it tight.  My smell soothed you. Precious.  

I love you Huddy Buddy!

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Aini said...

Do you mix the breast milk and formula in the same bottle? Thx!