May 11, 2013

My Mother's Days in the Past

I can not believe this will be my 5th Mother's Day.

Being a mother is my greatest blessing and accomplishment.

I thought this weekend it would be fun to look back at my past Mother's Days.

May 2009
My First Mother's Day

Reagan was 1 month old.
Being a mom was still so new to me.

I remember we took my mom out to lunch at Grimaldi's in downtown Scottsdale and then went back to their house to hang out that afternoon.  I just loved on my new baby boy and still couldn't believe he was finally in my arms!

Nick got me a Tiffany's bracelet with Reagan's name and birth date engraved on it.
I still wear that bracelet every day so that Reagan is always "with me". 

May 2010

We had just moved into our new house and had just gotten over the flu (all 3 of us).  It was horrible.  But we wanted to have a special Mother's Day non the less.  

Reagan was dedicated at church that morning.

After church we had my family over for a Mother's Day brunch.
My sister and made a really delicious spread and we had a great time eating and playing games.

I honestly can't remember if I got anything gift-wise that year!
But Reagan did make me this cute picture at day-care.

May 2011

Nick and Reagan woke me up for breakfast in bed before we headed off to church.

After church we took my mom out to lunch at Bamboo Club and then came home to veg out for the rest of the day.

Reagan made me this little bouquet at day care for Mother's Day as well.

May 2012

Last year I was 18 weeks pregnant on Mother's Day with the twins. 
We went to church in the morning and watched as my niece Charlotte was dedicated.

After church Nick sent me out to get a pedicure which was heavenly. 
 We then took my mom out to lunch with the family. 

Nick and Reagan got me two new charms for my Pandora bracelet.

I hope all of you mothers have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day and know just how special you are in the lives of your children.  


Victoria said...

I just I've your walks down memory lane!!!!! Love you all!!! I hope your Mothers Day is very special!!!!

Lea Culp said...

Well, I'm sending you the "Super Mom Award" today. You do the job well! May it be a wonderful day for you and your sweet family.

Amber said...

So sweet! Happy Mother's Day!!!