May 16, 2013

Photo Dump

It's been awhile since I've posted photos from my phone!
So here is a massive dump!

After Disneyland Reagan was so exhausted he fell asleep on the couch.
NEVER happens.

It was pretty hilarious.

Enjoying the nice weather outside!

Reagan and our neighbor Cali hanging out.

Dying Easter eggs.

Best buddies.
Love that smile.

Family dinner

Easter morning.

My little man running to his Mimi at church.

LOVE them.


My heart melted watching them play together.

Hudson is crazy about covering his head/face when he is drinking.

Graham family music night.
Mover over Patridge family.

My two cuddle buddies.

My handsome boy told me his night that I was his "hot date".

Yes. This shirt happened. Yikes.

Playing Memory and Hudson wanted in on it!

Mimi and her littlest grand babies.

Just another day of baby food. NBD.

We love our nightly walks.

Uncle Shaun has the magic touch.

Num Num!

Love them.

Just a little fort building. 

Passed out cold during his bottle.

With my little princess.


Her faces are priceless.

My boys supporting Boston.

Date night, Holla!

When did he turn into such a big boy?

She loves chewing her feet.

They seriously have the best bond.

Hudson was so tired and wanted to eat in peace. Harper was just annoying the crud out of him. He finally lunged at her. Hilarious.

Reagan begged me , " Mom can I be done eating? I really just want to dance".

Pumping with these two get harder every day! All they want to do is yank out the cords!

Cousins playing at Mimi's .

Cousins and best buddies.

Hudson cuddling with my blankie.

Harper sitting up unassisted for the first time!
 Reagan writing a sorry note to his teachers.

My handsome boy.

Harper doing a push up. NBD.

It was one of those days.
Really Jamba Juice Man. 
Put the lid on right!

My kids are cute. Yep.

Reagan wanted to play teacher and read to Harper and Hudson!

And then he got so frustrated when Harper scooted away and wouldn't pay attention.

Harper and Reagan trying out the new jumperoo!


Anonymous said...

They are all just so cute! You are such a fun momma!

ashleigh said...

they are seriously thee cutest kids

Lea Culp said...

Just precious! Enjoyed your photo dump! Sweetest blessings!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Such cute pictures!!!

Lauren said...

So cute!