May 7, 2013

Our Doozy of a Week and TTT

Oh my word.
You know that saying, "When it rains, it pours."?
It is so true.

Last Monday night I was so excited to have a night out with my sis.
We bought tickets and attended the Scottsdale Mom's "Mom's Night Out".
They had drinks, appetizers, raffles, and a fun swag bag.
Meg and I had such a great time just catching up without the kids.
I ran into a lot of other girls I knew and it was a good night.

Fast forward a few hours.
I woke up in the middle of the night so sick.
The stomach flu had hit.

Thankfully Nick took off work on Tuesday and Wednesday to take care of the twins. Reagan went to my mom's house on Tuesday and preschool on Wednesday. And I literally stayed in bed or the bathroom. I was a hot mess.  Nick slept out on the couch but was so attentive to me.  Thursday I started feeling better.  Not actively getting sick, but still with a queasy tummy.  Nick returned to work and the babies and I had a low-key day at home. Reagan went to preschool and then I picked him up and took him to swimming lessons. While I still wasn't eating anything, I was able to function. 

(Reagan and Rylan at swimming lessons.)

Things were looking up.
We had a big weekend ahead of us and I was happy that I would be feeling better.

Then Friday came.
And it was Nick's turn with the flu.

The twins and I went out to get more Lysol, Clorox wipes, Gatorade, Saltines, etc. for our sick Daddy.  I put him in our bed and told him I would figure out the weekend.  That night he and I were supposed to go unload my stuff and help set up for my chapter's Mothers of Multiples Consignment Sale. I dropped the kids off at my mom's house (she is a God-send I tell you) and loaded up the van with my loot.  I unloaded and set out my stuff for the next morning's sale.  Then back to pick up the kids and head home.  I was exhausted (mind you- still not feeling 100 %) and had no energy to battle with Reagan.  So I told him since I was sleeping on the couch that night, he could do.  After I bathed all 3 kids, fed them, and put the twins to bed, Reagan and I camped out in the living and watched a movie. It was a super late night.  This kid was so excited to be "camping out" he was wide awake until 11! Even though I was exhausted, I was up till after 1 because Hudson chose this night to break his 5 night sleeping through he night streak. Really Hudson, really?  

My phone alarm went off at 4:30 am and I pumped in the bathroom to try and not wake anyone. Then showered, got ready, and woke up all the kids.  I dropped them off at my mom's house again (thank you Mommy!) at 6:30 am. I went over their instructions, left outfits, bottles, milk, etc. and headed to the church for the big consignment sale.  My shift was from 7 - 11 am.  This was my first time working the sale and it was surprisingly fun.  It was packed. My job was to work by the registers and I was able to talk to every person who bought items during this period. I met a bunch of new M.O.Ms from our group and even snagged a few new things for our house as well.

(My view from the sale.)

Nick was still home and very sick at this point. Poor guy.  But I didn't have any time to tend to him the way he tended to me earlier in the week.  After the sale I went straight to my mom's house to pick up the kids.  Reagan's friend Rylan was having a birthday party and we were already late.  The twins were exhausted so my mom offered to let them nap at her house and I could pick them up after the party.  Reagan and I booked it over to the park and he was able to play and celebrate with his buddy. We were there for an hour and then had to book it back to the church because the sale was over.  It was 1:00 now and we had to pick up any of our items that hadn't sold and bring them home.  Reagan was a bit of a helper although he really just wanted to run around the church and play with all the toys that were left.  I don't blame him!  After we loaded up the car and then unloaded it back at the house, we headed back to my mom's house to pick up the twins.  Bless her. She had a huge ice tea waiting for me.  We went back home for an hour and a half break.  I pumped, fed the babies, laid them down for a quick nap, and had Reagan just watch some TV. It felt so good to sit. 

(Pics from Rylan's birthday party.)

Then we loaded everyone back up and headed down to Chandler for one of my friend's surprise 30th birthday party.  I had talked to her hubby and told him we'd be late due to our crazy day but I wouldn't miss celebrating with them.  They live about 40 minutes away from us, so it was a nice, quiet drive.  Reagan watched a movie and the babies just stared out the windows.  We arrived at the party and Reagan immediately went off to play.  It was so wonderful to catch up with my girlfriends.  They all helped and loved on the twins so I was able to eat some chips and salsa (holla- my tummy was finally cooperating!) We stayed there for a few hours and left after 7pm.  We stopped at Sonic to get Reagan some dinner before heading home.  (There are no Sonic's in Scottsdale- how dare there- so we always try to grab it when we were in Chandler!) It was Reagan's first time "eating" in the car and he thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  It was dark and he was watching The Increadibles in the van while eating- a mean really- what more could a kid want?  The babies and Reagan slept most of the way home. It was so nice and quiet.

(Our friend Vince with his daughter Avery and Harper.)

 (With my girls- Kelli, Kate, Lisa, Holly, Nancy, Cori, and I.)

(Kelli with Harper and Nancy with Hudson.)

I couldn't wake Reagan up or carry him in from the car, so thankfully Nick was feeling a bit better and came to help.  It was hilarious. Reagan was still sporting his mustache from the party and was sacked out cold.  I put him to bed, pumped, fed the twins, and then fell into bed by 10:30. 

(Seriously, I die over this.)

Needless to say, Sunday was a very lazy day.  Nick and I were feeling all better (thank you Lord) and we just hung out in our jammies with the kids all day.  Aside from running to the grocery store, I didn't leave the house.  

Now fingers crossed this flu is done and gone and doesn't hit us again for a very long time!
Good riddance!

Now for Trendy Tot Tuesday:
I didn't really take any specific outfit pics this week but I will reuse some pics from above!

Dress from Baby Gap
Bow from Banner Boutique

Romper from Target

Spiderman swim suit from Target

Don't forget to link up with Megan and share what your little ones are wearing!


Amy said...

Phew! So glad is everyone is feeling better! Thankfully the kiddos didn't get it! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm glad everybody is feeling better and I hope it stays that way!!!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh girl! What a week/weekend, you are super woman! Glad everyone is feeling better!

The Burtons said...

So glad you all are feeling better! That is the worst when you are sick taking care of kids. I love the pic of Reagan sleeping with his mustache- so cute! I think I'm going to do the TTT, such a fun idea!

Lea Culp said...

Ugh, the stomach virus is the absolute worst!!! I'm praying it is over for a very long time. You are one more energetic gal for sure!