May 10, 2013

Our Adventures in Baby Food- Part 2

Well, back to our adventures in baby food.

Again, not say we did this the "right" way or not- just sharing our story! 

I've gotten into the groove of taking about 2 hours per weekend and whipping up a bunch of baby food.  I use the ice cube trays to freeze the purees for the week or 2 and then transfer them into the plastic baggies.  (You should see our freezer! Ha)

When it's time to eat, I just take 1 baggie out of the freezer and put the 2 cubes in a bowl.  I thaw them in the microwave and add it to the cereal mixture already in 2 other bowls. I hold one baby's bowl in one hand and keep the other baby's bowl on the table.  It seemed overwhelming at first, but it really is pretty easy to feed them both a the same time.

The first week we had the babies try rice cereal.
I followed the directions on the box and mixed it with some formula.

The first half of the week we made it pretty runny and then let it be more chunky.
We fed the babies the rice  cereal at 5:00 pm every evening before their dinner bottles.

Here is a video of their second night trying it.
Hudson thought it was good and chowed down.
Harper hated it.
She pretty much refused to eat it that whole week! 

The next three days we tried oatmeal cereal.
(Again- just followed the directions on the box!)

Same response to the oatmeal. Hudson was happy and Harper wanted nothing to do with it!
I began giving the babies their oatmeal before their 11:00 am bottle. 
And they had their rice cereal before their 5:00 pm bottle.

After 3 days of oatmeal and no reactions, we started carrots.

My doctor said there was no real order to follow when introducing new foods, just to make sure that you only do 1 new food a time in case their was a reaction. I honestly just looked in my book (from Part 1) and did the first vegetable puree listed- carrots.

We would do oatmeal before their 11:00 am bottle and rice cereal mixed with carrot puree before the dinner bottle.  After a few days with no reaction we moved on to the next puree.  (By the way- carrots- same reaction as everything else... Harper was not a fan and Hudson thought it was tasty.)

So next we started doing oatmeal mixed with some carrot puree before the 11:00 am feeding and rice cereal mixed with green bean puree before the 5:00 pm feeding.

After a few days with no reaction we started introducing a fruit.
First up were apples.

I mixed the oatmeal in the morning with my apple purees before the 11:00 am feeding.
And before the evening bottle I would rotate between carrots and green beans with the rice cereal.

The babies LOVED the apples. Harper was so happy- finally!
She even started wanted to grab the spoon and feed herself.

After a few days with no reaction to the apples, we started pear purees.
We did he oatmeal in the mornings with the pear purees and continued to rotate between carrots and green beans with rice at dinner time.

Next up were peas. Blah.
In the mornings they would rotate between apple and pear purees with oatmeal and dinner time was rice cereal and peas.  They eat the peas no problem, but not with the excitement that was with the fruit!

After peas we introduced bananas.  We added banana puree to the morning mix and the babies loved them.  Unfortunately they have given Harper some constipation! Poor girl has really been struggling with little rock poopies. I think we are done with them for awhile!! Next up we are going to try sweet potatoes! I will let you know that goes!  

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