May 20, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here!

I have Reagan home with the babies and I today and tomorrow (my Mom is traveling) and it is a bit like a test run for summer. (This Friday is his last day of preschool before summer break!)

  I'm keeping Reagan home with me every day this summer starting next week.  For the love. Can I manage? I sure hope so! I had him home with me full time during winter break, but the babies were still so young then, he still  got a lot of attention. I've been working on a schedule for us and trying to think of things to keep him busy and not watching TV all day. (I'm not going to lie- this is going to be hard for me too!) Once I work out the kinks I will blog about our schedule and what we do.

But for now- here is the Summer Bucket List I created.
I got the idea from my blog friend Amy.

I made it full of things we have planned things I would like to do with the family/Reagan this summer. After we complete an item, Reagan colors the box next to it. 

Here are the items on our list:
1. Swim lessons (This week we are finishing the first session and we will start up the next session soon.) More on swimming with another post! 
2. Splash pad (Reagan loves going to the splash pad. So this will be hit up many times this summer. Still trying to decide what to do with the babies here.. May just keep them in the stroller in the shade. Not sure.)
3. Water table fun (We've already busted out the water table and Reagan loves splashing around.)
4. Jr. Fine Arts Camp (Reagan is registered to attend this day camp at our church in a few weeks. It's a 1/2 day program where he will do lots of arts and crafts, singing, music, etc.)
5. Breakfast at the Park (another easy one to do with Nick on the weekends. It's about the only time it's not too hot to play at the playground!)
6. Library Class (We love attending Shake, Rattle, and Roll classes at our library as well as story times.  This will be a cool alternative in the summer and the babies will love just sitting in their stroller, watching.)
7. Payson (Our annual summer family getaway up North).
8. Vacation Bible School (Reagan is registered to attend and I will volunteering as a teacher later in June). 
9.Movie Theater (We wont be able to do our weekly movie dates like we did last summer because of the babies, but hopefully my Mom or Sister will be able to watch the twins every once in a while so I can take Reagan to a cheap kid's movie at the theater.)
10. Frozen Yogurt (enough said)
11. Pump It Up (We have plans to meet friends there next week for a play date. Reagan loves this place- so that will be fun and cool for the twins).
12. Play date (hopefully we will have lots of play dates scheduled this summer!)
13. Zoo (Although its hot as you know what here, we have a zoo membership which means we can get into the zoo at 6 am. That sounds terribly early- but it might be the only time to take all 3 kids to the zoo when it's not 100 degrees. Keep you posted on that one!)
14. Build a fort (This will no doubt be one of Reagan's favorites.)
15. Sidewalk Chalk (We have tons and we hardly play with it. Maybe if' it's on this, we'll do it.)
16. Home Depot Workshop (I can't believe we've never done one of these before. I have Nick and Reagan registered to do it in a few weeks.)
17. Wash the car (This was random but I figured this is something Nick and Rea can do together).
18. Barnes and Noble Story Time (This will be another free and cool thing for us to do each week).
19. Circus (Reagan doesn't know this but I bought him and I tickets to the circus. He's never been and I'm so excited! I just need to get someone to watch the twins and we are set!)
20. Museum for Youth (This is one of our fave museums and I'd love to go once or twice this summer. I think my niece would LOVE it too. We'll have to get it scheduled.)
21. Music Museum (We've never been but it's not too far from our house. Something new!)
22. Bowling (another cool and fun family activity. I'll need Nick's help for this one!)
23. Farmers Market (I've never been!)
24. Railroad Park (It might be hot in the summer but I know they do summer concerts in the park, so maybe we'll try that!)
25. Butterfly Garden (They are still building a new butterfly garden close by and I can't wait for them to finish!)
26. R.A.K. (I'm excited to get Reagan started on doing some Random Acts of Kindness this summer. I'd love to it a bunch during the winter as part of our family advent activities and I thought this summer would be good practice.) 

Do you have a summer bucket list?
If so, what's on it?


wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe I started to create mine today too! :)

Rebecca said...

Love this idea. We will have to make ours this weekend!

Lea Culp said...

My goodness girl, there will NOT be a dull moment around your house. Be sure and take your vitamins as you are going to need lots of energy. Once again, I am so impressed! Happy week!

Sara said...

this is so cute! I love the idea of writing it all down to check off. Right now my summer bucket list includes a plastic kiddie pool in the back yard and taking it easy in between super scheduled weekends! We have a ton of adventures coming up in the next few months and I just want to make sure it doesnt all flash by in a blur!

KRISTIN said...

I love this idea so much! You are such a good mama!!! You need to link up on Tuesdays for "Baby Talk" and share all your stories and wisdom! :)

Danielle W. said...

Love these ideas! Think I will do something similar to this with my son, although he probably is too little to understand! Still fun for me!