April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

It has been so fun looking at all of your blog posts about Easter. 
There is nothing cuter than excited kiddos all dressed up! 
Thanks for sharing!! 

Our Easter was a weekend long celebration!

Friday Night
We went to my parents' house for dinner, an egg hunt, and dessert.
Reagan loved being with his cousins.

We went to Nick's Mom and Step-Dad's house for an egg hunt, playing, and dinner.
There is always so much to explore in their backyard! He loves it.

We had a visit from the Easter Bunny, went to church, and then spent the day at my parents' house. I was feeling pretty crummy all day- so thank goodness for family who let me veg out and do nothing! 

(Ps- How cute! It was Baby Charlotte's first Easter!)

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Amber said...

Reagan is THE CUTEST!!!! And sweet Charlotte looks like a living doll! I love it! I hate that you are still feeling bad! I remember those days! I was sick with Jax until about 14 weeks and with Aubree until about 18 and then it went away and came back around 28 weeks or so. MISERABLE!! You look beautiful, though! Looks like a fun Easter!