April 29, 2012

Our Weekend

Sunday night already?
This weekend sure flew by....even though it doesn't feel like I did that much!

Friday Night I went to dinner with friends from work and then headed back to school to attend our Girls on the Run Fashion Show.  You can read more about Girls on the Run here. The girls had a can food drive / fashion show and it was fabulous.  They were able to go to Dillard's the week before and choose outfits for the show and were given confidence and walking tips from a former model. The night of the fashion show was like a dream for these little girls.  They were in clothes they normally wouldn't be able to afford/wear, they were strutting their stuff down the runway, and have a round of applause just for them. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I'm so proud of my teachers who coach these girls and run this program as well as the girls who participate!

Another HUGE deal for our family on Friday night? 
Reagan slept in his new room in his new big boy bed! 
I think I was more nervous/anxious than he was. 

He stayed awake singing for a good 30 minutes after we left him but them he fell asleep and was out until 7 am. This is actually really early for him.  He got up at 7 again this morning too. So we've gotta figure it out- especially since summer vacay is right around the corner. This mama is soooo not getting up at 7 am every morning. Call me spoiled, I don't care. I will get him back into the sleeping-in groove. He hasn't fallen out of the bed and knows to stay in until Nick or I go get him. 
Knock on wood.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and running all over town trying to finish Reagan's big boy room. We are still working on it- but almost done. I will post pictures soon. I promise!

Reagan tried really hard to be big a big help.

Reagan's obsession lately is being a "dad".
He has babies on the brain and feeds them bottles,  burps, and sings to them.
He has also loved rocking his babies in his new rocking chair.

Love him.