April 1, 2012

Reagan's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday was Reagan's 3rd birthday party.

I had decided earlier this year that the kids were getting old enough to need some structure to their parties, so I planned on having it at our city's railroad park. And boy, was I glad that I did.  
Considering my first trimester was spent sick or sleeping, there wasn't a lot of party-planning going on over here.  Luckily the railroad staff does most of it! I was able to bring in a few of my own decorations/touches to make it more personalized but I didn't work months on it like I had on previous Reagan parties! Phew. We had 17 kids and 21 adults in all.

I ordered the invites from Anna Jayne Prints off Etsy.

I didn't want a cheesy (no offense) Thomas the Train party.... Reagan isn't really into Thomas.  He just likes trains so I didn't want to go overboard! So I thought this was a perfect combo.

My little Train Conductor

 This was pretty much my only decoration table.
I made the banner, ordered the sign, and got bandannas for all the kids.

 I printed off a copy of the invitation and photos from his invitation photo shoot to be framed.

 I ordered these train lollipops to be made from SweetCrescendos off Etsy.

 My sister made cupcakes and used matching liners I ordered from Clementine Parties and Shop Lemon Drops off Etsy.
The inside portion of the party was inside of a train car.  The kids sat at a long table that I covered with table clothes and paper goods from Party City.

The party was broken into 3 half hour portions.
The first half hour was for games.

 First was "Red Light / Green Light".
Reagan loved calling out the orders.

 Next was the parachute.

 And last was "Tug -O-War".

It was so cute!

The second half hour was for cake and ice cream.

The third half hour was for rides.

 Walking to the train.

 Ladies man.

 Friends on the train.

They let Reagan sit in the conductor's seat and he was so excited!

Ready to ride!

Next everyone got to ride the "Merry-go-round".


At the end, all the kids went back to the party train to get their balloons, lollipops, and other belongings. 
And guess who cleaned up? Not me!
We loaded up our cars and we were outta there! :)
We went home and Reagan opened up his presents.

It was a great 3rd birthday party! 


Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

Could you please tell me where you got the big green and red hands? I love those and could really use them in my classroom! Adorable party! Love reading your blog!

Class Full of Speical Kinders said...

Thank you Mandy. I will keep doing google searches! LOL

Anonymous said...

Everything was so cute!! Happy birthday to your baby boy :)

Amber said...

Great job mama! Jax would go nuts for a train party! Reagan is such a cutie! Happy Birthday to your little man!

Victoria said...

Great re-cap! It was a terrific party! Fun was had by all! You are a super party planner!

agalandherdog said...

Great party!