April 7, 2012

Bear Week in First Grade

This week our anthology story was "Fishing Bears".
It's always one of the kids (and the teacher's) favorite nonfiction stories and it makes for great extension activities.  Here is what we were up to:

During writing we researched various kinds of bears and made bear bubble maps and tree maps.  They then turned their thinking maps into bear reports.  They turned out really great! 

We read "Going on a Bear Hunt" and re-told the story using a bear story map.
I forgot to take pictures- so here is the link from last year :

We ended the week with Teddy Bear Day.
We did "bear math" 

We sorted our bears.
By size
 And color

And we ended the day with a teddy bear picnic.

There are so many great activities to do with bears! Unfortunately there isn't enough time in the day! 
We are getting closer and closer to our big end of the year tests and our science/theme time is limited! 

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