April 30, 2012

Reagan's Big Boy Room

This weekend we moved Reagan into his new room.
I've had a lot of requests for pictures, so here you go!

Welcome to Reagan's room!

We will start with the bed and go around the room.

Above the bed is a cool canvas I found that matches his "All American" theme perfectly.

 To the right of his bed is his night stand and lamp. 
We also still have his ultrasound picture framed.
It's hard to imagine he was that small and in my belly.

 There is a little wall to the right of his bed with two things hanging.

 The first is a piece my MIL Sylvia made when I was pregnant with Reagan.

 Here is a bulletin board filled with pictures and memories.
The sides have photos of Reagan with his friends and family and the middle has photos with Reagan and some of the Arizona mascots he has met.

Just to the right of that wall is the window.
Under the window is his toy box.
It is filled with stuffed animals. 
This kid has a kazillion stuffed animals.

Directly across from Reagan's bed is his dresser.
Reagan's new room doesn't have a closet (weird, right?) so we needed a large chest of drawers.

 On top of the dresser are photos of family.

More photos.

Above the dresser are his life preserver and compass letters.

The door is right next to the dresser.
Behind the door is his signed Ronald Reagan speech and his hat hooks.

Next to Reagan's door is his bookshelf and wall.

If you know Reagan, you know this kid loves his books.
Most of his books are in the playroom, but he has two shelves full in his room.
The top shelf is full of his baby books, scrapbooks, flashcards, and My Baby Can Read stuff.

Next to the bookshelf is Reagan's reading nook.
We got him this precious little rocking chair and book basket to put his books in until I can re-shelve them in the correct spot. Anal? Probably. 

Reagan says "Thanks for touring my new big boy room!"

Flag Canvas: Kirklands
Night Stand and Dresser: Ikea
Lamps: Target
Bulletin Board: Home Goods
Toy Chest: Land of Nod
Frames: Hobby Lobby
Piggy Bank: Holland Boone
Life Preserver and Brown Wooden Letters: Pottery Barn Kids
Hat Hooks: Target
Book Shelf: Target
Wall Stars: Hobby Lobby
White Wooden Letterss: Michael's


Amber said...

I love it! This really is a BIG BOY room! Wow! Jax loves to read, too so I love this bookshelf and reading nook. Great job, mama! How have you been feeling?

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! Good job lady :) Love all the family pictures all around.