May 4, 2012

First Grade Field Trip

For the last 7 years we have taken our first graders to the World Wildlife Zoo.
It is an awesome zoo!

It is about an hour bus ride from our school and we get to spend a couple of hours (not long enough) before we have to ride back. But even though it's a short trip, it's totally worth it.

Here are some pictures and highlights from the trip.

 Watching the tortoise and peacock
 Feeding the giraffes.

 Touching the sting rays. 
 Feeding the birds.
This is always my love/hate relationship with this zoo.
In case you didn't know.
I'm deathly afraid of birds.
But once a year I venture inside the bird cage to take pics of my brave kiddos.

True story:
This year we walked in and 2 of these freaky birds landed on top of my head.
Holy hell. Talk about a freak out.
The zoo keeper saw me frantically shaking my head and yelled at me to stop.
She said these type of movements encourage them to bite.
So I yell back to help me get them off then! 
Soon the birds discovered I had no apples and I had 7 little kids begging for them to land on them and waving apples in their faces, and gave me back my freedom. 

 Feeling more critters in the aquarium.

Here I am with my awesome teammates after a long, hot day.
I love these girls!! 


Amber said...

Oh you and I would be crazies together if a bird landed on me! Animals that fly freak me out. Looks like a fun trip, I bet the kids loved it:)

Jamie said...

Our first grade team goes to the zoo too :) I was WORN out after that trip!