May 14, 2012

Mother's Day in our Classroom 2012

This past Friday our First Graders hosted their moms for our annual Mother's Day Program.

My class had been making gifts during the week and practicing songs and poems to honor their mothers.

Here are some of the things they made:

Hand print flower cards with a sweet poem

A book about their moms
The pages were pretty hilarious like 
" My mom weighs _____ pounds." "My mom is _____ years old." 
The moms were laughing out loud at the answers!

Portraits of their Mothers
And the Top Ten Reasons they love their mom

At 10:15 the moms started arriving to our classroom.
We had an art project set up for each child to work with their mom on.

We had them make Popsicle stick frames and I walked around taking pictures of each first grader and the mother to put inside the frame. They turned out pretty cute!

Next the kids got into their places on the carpet and we began our program.
About 7 years ago I found a bunch of Mother's Day songs and poems and turned them into a little program.  The kids really get into the songs and poems- so cute!

After the program everyone ate some delicious breakfast foods and socialized.

My students were really sweet and brought me presents and flowers for Mother's Day.

It was a special day and I know the students and moms appreciated it! 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet day for moms!! I love the fun answers kids always put for those types of books!! Kids are so honest :)

Mrs. Howard said...

I am LOVING the idea of having the kids guess their moms' ages and weights!!

mrs. tabb said...

just stopping by to say I posted the gender reveal activities on my blog! Hope they help! :)

Mrs. Tabb =)