April 14, 2011

2 year Dr. Appt

Yesterday was Reagan's 2 year doctor appointment.

He weighed 32 lbs (the 88th %)

He as 36 inches long (the 89th%)

The big "a-has" for me:

His weird eating habits were normal but we need to have him drink skim milk since he drinks milk so much. We gave him a cup last night and he didn't even notice! Maybe since the skim milk isn't as filling he will eat more?!?! I love that he loves milk (has still never had juice) but I just wish he ate more!

She suggested getting rid of the Nuby cups he drinks out of. The are too easy to drink from and he needs to move to straws/cups and hard topped cups.

(old cups) (new cups)

She told me it was time to get a potty for Reagan and start the process. Oh boy.

So needless to say, after the appointment we went straight to Target. Potty chair- check, Stool for hand washing- check, new cups- check. He's becoming such a big boy!

"A little privacy please!"

"Hmmmm.. Is this how it works?"

"Maybe this?"

And finally- he gave up and decided the bowl made a better hat. Lordy.
And really- he knows his mother too well. Always multi-tasking!

Chatting , while "using" the potty!

Any other advice from you blogger mommies? XXOO


2sylly said...

Ha, ha! Now the fun begins. That's why I got him the Buzz underwear for his birthday, it's a bribe for him.

Raven said...

Ok so tell me, how old exactly is your boy? Because I am just starting to potty train my just turned 3 year old but I am SOOOO dreading it! I don't want accidents on my carpets and what do you do when you go to the store? What if they have to go to the bathroom when you are out?? Cant I just hire someone to do this for me???

Megan said...

You will love that potty, we have that one and the bjorn one... both are great for little boys bc of the high front. :) Next time we talk I'll give you all my potty+ little boy experience! :)

Raven said...

oh and one more thing...my oldest is 3 and he has NEVER EVER had one ounce of any liquid in his body besides water and ricemilk. NEVER had juice in his life, and I think I will keep it that way (unless you count the time he accidentally took a drink of my vodka and sprite, but let's keep that a secret ha!)

Tickled Pink said...

haha Love it!! Go girl!! Hopefully Reagan can follow in his footsteps- since he already looks like his mini-me!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He is so cute! Those pictures crack me up. :)

Ashley said...

Oh good luck with the potty training!

Mrs. Ruby said...

Haha - SO cute! Two years is such a big milestone! And holy moly, you are into the potty training phase. I'm sure funny stories will ensue. Can't wait! ;)

Teacher Stuff said...

I am a few days late on reading this, but here's my advice. Suggest the potty every time you go. Ask if he needs to go. But don't force it. My stubborn as a mule daughter wouldn't even think about sitting on the potty til she was 3. And that was just to pee! She would change her own pull up for the other, until she was 4. She was on her own schedule and did it on her own time. Let him take some control, otherwise it's a nightmare for you and him and all involved!

On a side note, I saw your post about the zoo trip. I went to college in AZ and had never heard of the zoo. Is it newer? I haven't been there in about 13 years! And I was up in Flag, not down in the valley!