April 21, 2011

First Grade Fun

Yesterday I told you how super crazy this week has been.

Here are some more pictures of what we have been up to!

Earth Day

We read a lot of Earth Day books and did some little projects.

This is the window looking out of our classroom

This is one of my favorite things to do every Earth Day. The kids always look so cute.

The class wrote letters to Mother Earth

After the field trip we did some writing and crafting about the zoo animals.

Today was the last day of my kids' NWEA reading test. I am so proud of them and their growth! Remember the cheerios from day 1? Here is what I did today.


Anonymous said...

I love the letter to Mother Earth!! I'm totally borrowing that idea...do you have the letter template you could e-mail? Such great ideas!!

Raven said...

Adorable. Kids say, and do, and draw the darndest things, right? Loved this. Sweet sweet little kids and their precious souls :)

Rachel said...

We wrote to Mother Earth too! We also read The Lorax and retold the story, they loved it! I like the hug and kiss idea...we dont have NWEA until the 2nd week in May, I'm sure your class did great!