April 22, 2011

A Very Good Friday

We had today off from school for Good Friday.

Reagan and I joined our friends Kate with her boys Max and Jacob and Lisa and her son Jackson at the zoo. My sister also came to join in on the sunny fun.

We had a great time seeing the animals, new exhibits, and watching the boys run around like crazy kids. We were all exhausted after just a few hours!

Then Meg, Reagan, and I met my Mom for some pizza at Peter Piper for lunch. Which was then followed by a wonderful nap. (Yes, I totally nap when Reagan does. I am addicted to sleep!)

Tonight Reagan, Nick and I dyed eggs for Easter. (Our first time as a family). We all know I'm not the most domestic of moms... so I needed Nick for the hard stuff. And I only managed to drop a couple (Reagan didn't have a clue). I bought this pack that was supposed to be marablized or something- but they look pretty normal to me! The package also didn't come with any decorating tools - such a bust. So I improvised with some stickers we had lying around the house. The Easter Bunny is going to sooooooooo impressed when he sees our house! ;) Haha.

Please excuse my horrible look!
He was on cloud nine.

While we were waiting, Reagan made this frame.
Wishing you a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend!


Mandy's Memories said...

haha, we dyed our eggs tonight too and had the same issue. We just added a few cars stickers and used a sharpie and went to town. Oh well, it's teh fun that counts, right? lol

Anonymous said...

Cute eggs!! Love the stickers :)

All your zoo pics make me want to go! I've seen so many bloggers with zoo posts lately...must be the springtime weather...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!